Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hysterical Bloggers

Pope Kisses Fr. Michele de Paolis
Photo from Life Site News

Last month Life Site News wrote about the meeting between Pope Francis and Fr. Michele de Paolis, the cofounder of the homosexual activist organization, Agedo Foggia. They gave it the title “Pope Kisses The Hand Of, Concelebrates Mass With Pro-Homosexual Activist Priest”.

The Life Site News piece simply reported, in my opinion anyway, the facts that were known about the meeting and Fr. Michele de Paolis. Some Bloggers however reacted quite hysterically to the piece.

At the time of seeing all of the various reactions to the Life Site News piece, I felt like commenting about it here on my Blog. Unfortunately I then lost interest, or was it that I lost the energy. To be fair it was the latter, the result of my increasingly poor health.

Fortunately today I saw that the LMS Chairman Blog had written on the subject. It does the subject more justice than I could ever have done. It is entitled “Pope Francis and the Neo-Cons: Scandal and Denial”. I encourage you to read it.

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