Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Petition DSTV To Include EWTN

I wrote to DSTV recently to enquire why the Catholic Television Network, EWTN, is available to DSTV subscribers in the rest of Africa but it is not available to South African subscribers. I believe it is available to the rest of Africa on channel 348.

I really don’t understand why Rhema and other religions already have a specific religious channel dedicated to them, but Catholics do not. Are they doing something that Catholics are not? Are they to be considered as more serious about their faith than Catholics are?

As I expected, I received the standard response from DSTV about there not being enough South African subscribers expressing an interest in EWTN. Please help me to change this. I know that others are also engaged in campaigns to get EWTN activated.

Please, pretty please, if you’re Catholic and reading this, help us by doing two very simple things:

(1) Indicate that you support the Catholic Network EWTN being made available in South Africa by entering your name in the comments section at the end of this post.

(2) Send a request directly to Multichoice / DSTV requesting that they add EWTN to the bouquet. You can do so by emailing them:

Thanks. It is only if we stop being passive that we, and our Catholic Faith, will begin to be taken seriously. Please also share this with as many others as you possibly can.  Here is a short link for this Blog post that you can copy and then email it to those you know so that they can also participate in this campaign: 

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  1. Thanks for the blog Mark... I sent in a long letter to DSTV letting them know how many Catholics there are in SA that have to resort to having Giant satellite dishes installed next to their DSTV dishes, because DSTV fail to see the need for a Catholic channel in SA.
    Perhaps a few signed petitions from all the SA Catholics might change their minds. I have EWTN and think it is the best thing that has happened to my home, I would love to see other Catholics have the opportunity to have that choice in their homes when they change the channel during an advert break.
    Imagine changing from "Calfornication" or "4 play - Sex tips for girls" to EWTN and deciding not to switch back because people find the programming more fulfilling.

  2. I am totally in support of the inclusion of EWTN on the DSTV South Africa. We desperately need it install.
    I hope this should be given top priority.

  3. I sent my expression of support to DSTV.

    Please tell all your friends to do the same.

    Tell your protestants and evangelicals friends as well. I listen to EWTN radio on Radio Veritas from 22H30. I am impressed by the number of non-catholics who call in and confess to be regular listeners. I am sure that some South African Protestants will enjoy some of EWTN programmes.

  4. May you be blessed by encouraging catholic to be on live television. I discovered Radi Veritas recently and my Friend showed me your blessed request to have the EWTN being available on DSTV. Thank you and Iwill as much as possible reuest to many more to suscribe to the same request. May Go bless you.

  5. Thanks Mark. I just sent an email to them. I'm on board!

  6. Please clarify the situation concerning EWTN in South Africa.
    * Which company controls the channels received by South Africans?
    * Is it the intention of that company to stop EWTN transmission in Africa or just South Africa?
    * Using a work-around will we be able to continue viewing EWTN or not?

    I believe it is important to understand and know the situation prior to contacting the company.

    1. Hi Dawid,

      I understand that MultiChoice controls the DSTV channels. EWTN is not available in South Africa on DSTV. EWTn was available throughout Africa, including Nigeria, on DSTV. MultiChoice decided to turn this off. The Nigerian Bishops threatened action and so MultiChoice has reversed their decision and EWTN is back on DSTV in Nigeria. MultiChoice refuses to add EWTN for its viewers in South Africa. They claim there is not enough demand, hence we are asking Catholics to submit a request to MultiChoice that EWTN be made available on DSTV in South Africa.

  7. A friend explained the situation with respect to our digital satellite TV in Africa.
    Apparently Multichoice has been opposed to Catholic content and are making it crystal clear to Africa by their actions.
    Thus we can use the decoder to bypass them to get the signal from EWTN on the decoders we paid for and own. They can't cut us off by using this option... but they can reset our decoders every now and then to make us loose the signal... but then we just reset them again... a constant battle.
    We should therefore intensify our actions through a written, signed petition collected from parish and diocese.
    Individual letters would also help our cause.

  8. Every catholic home should have access to this awesome Channel, please all lets fight for it.
    Judy Fuchs

  9. I am all for EWTN on DTSV. i would watch it.

  10. hi, we used to have EWTN, but it was a constant battle with the satelite feed. it was lost about 2 months ago and as yet not been able to get it. please all Catholic in South Africa, let us stand together for EWTN, we need it in our lives. thank you J&S Nel