Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tradition And The Future

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  1. Thanks for your most interesting commentary on the attack of atheists against the Church.

    Without being overcome by the suggestion of their pitiful affront, as a kneejerk, it seems that both atheism and the theory of evolution are arguments which rely on some of the following tactics and smokescreens:

    1. Their arguments have no specific definition or fixed point of reference - in attacking religion, they seem continually to use selected "airy-fairy" random unrelated inconsistent ideas and words within their argument, possibly to confuse the stupid /ignorant. Simultaineously, conveniently, dishonestly, they choose to ignore certain sciences, ideas and word which would contradict them.

    2. Their arguments are largely based on "sloganeering" i.e. making wild unrelated statements and unflattering accusations about religion or history which are simply not true or which are not properly appraised or assessed.

    3. Their arguments generally contain no honest objective conclusion but rather are based on relentless preconceived and untested proposals e.g. they may say: There is no God. Therefore, although they claim to be scientific, they quickly demonstrate that they are clearly not scientific, not willing to explore ALL the facts to prove their opinion.

    4. Their arguments often jump around from point to point, form one idea to another and they never will stick on a particular point long enough to prove themselves wrong. Thus they “ bamboozle” us with argument that refuses to open the discussion so that their “facts” can be shown to be: not truths but lies or ignorance.

    5. Their arguments mostly pretend to have full knowledge of the scientific facts which are then juxtaposed with the bible in an attempt to disprove the Sacred Scripture. Thus they mix "apples with pears" and proceed for the sake of their position to erroneously pretend that religion is less relevant than a "lesser" science when it comes to determining right from wrong..

    6. Their arguments try to give the false impression that they understand the bible. They forget that the bible is not a simple elementary fundamentalist school book. For the sake of their argument, as a tactic, they refuse to see the figurative and symbolic meanings, but more often falsely interpret scripture to be fundamentalist rather than allegorical, etc.

    With the above-mentioned sample of atheist tactics, it soon becomes clear that it is an impossible task to sensibly reason with such people, especially if they are adament in beating their drum.

    The words of Jesus now make sense. "They hear, but they hear not; they see but they see not."

    Perhaps it is best to shake their dust from one's feet and move deeper into further study, prayer, meditation and contemplation...hoping and praying for the day when there will be a great awakening...looking forward when we shall all see the Son of Man coming on the clouds in full Power and full Glory; with His Angels and with His Saints...

    Perhaps we should not “throw pearls at swine”.

    The gospel will never depart, but waits patiently, until that moment when ears are opened; when souls and minds are honestly seeking the Way, the Life and the Truth...