Thursday, 5 April 2012

Daily Roman Missal - Parallel Latin Text

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I made the decision recently to order the Daily Roman Missal published by the Catholic Truth Society. It is the version of the Roman Missal intended for use in the United Kingdom. It is not the version intended for use in South Africa.

It therefore still has the scripture readings for Mass taken from the Jerusalem Bible, which is the version of the Lectionary that we are currently using in South Africa. Once South Africa does however change to the RSV CE as planned, the readings in my missal will then of course be different and I won’t be able to follow them exactly during Mass.

I have however generally found that I tend to read the readings before Mass, as part of my preparation for Mass. Then, during Mass, I simply listen to the readings being read. So, I don’t really see that this difference in the translation of scripture readings is a major obstacle. The Jerusalem Bible is a very good translation anyway and served South Africa well for years.

In any case, the big reason for my decision is because the CTS version of the Roman Missal has the Latin text published on the same page, alongside the English text. So, in my parish, where some parts of the Mass are sometimes said in Latin, such as the Gloria, I am able to follow and participate. I don’t have to stand there mouthing the words “hot potato, cold potato” to pretend that I am participating and that I know the words in Latin. I can follow and read the words in Latin and, at the same time, understand exactly what I am saying in Latin because, alongside it, is the English. This is a significant PLUS and I believe that South Africa sadly missed a crucial opportunity by not publishing the Latin alongside the English in our Roman Missal.

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