Thursday, 19 April 2012

Naked Filth Before EWTN?

Sometimes you cannot help asking yourself if the world has gone mad? I asked this when I read a story this evening, about Jon Stewart, on the Catholic League website. I am not sure if there are many people in South Africa who know who Stewart is? I know the name because I happen to have come across his television show once or twice on the “Comedy Channel” of DSTV. It is a genuine waste of time and has not yet managed to hold my attention for longer than about 5 minutes.

Apparently a few nights ago, during his television show called “The Daily Show”, Stewart showed a picture of a naked woman who was using an ornament of the nativity scene to cover her vagina. I didn’t bother trying to find out more of what this was all about and why Stewart did this. (You can here if you like.) Frankly, I don’t care because nothing can justify this disgusting action. I can also tell you that it also doesn’t matter to me whether it was an ornament of a frog or the nativity scene. The point is that it clearly was disgusting either way. Using the nativity scene ornament just highlights the increased levels of depravity of these people.

I really am sick to death of having to tolerate the rubbish that we are constantly subjected to on television and in the rest of the media.

What blows my mind is that Multichoice in South Africa has yet to activate the Catholic television network, EWTN. It has done so for the rest of Africa, but not in South Africa. My queries, as to why they have not done so in South Africa yet, have been answered with what seems to be a standard response – they’re waiting to see if there is enough demand for it. Yet, filth like this Jon Stewart show makes it onto our TV screens without a second thought.

If you are Catholic, please, wherever you are, please go to my Blog post here, where I call on Catholics to ask for EWTN. Please take the time to help Catholics in South Africa get EWTN in their homes. All it takes is an email to Multichoice asking them to activate EWTN in South Africa. You’ll find the links in the last two paragraphs of my Blog post titled “Petition DSTV To Include EWTN”.

Come on Catholic’s everywhere, let’s all pull together on this and get it done for South Africa please! South Africa needs this Catholic network!


  1. There are some things not worth bothering about....

    However, to say the least, this man’s activity aligns itself with the workings of Satan, prime Evil. His act is neither pleasing nor funny, being rather juvenile and sordid, readying itself to prepare people to launch an attack on goodness itself...

    Jon Stewart's revolting and obnoxious action should warn us that Evil has no respect for anything that is good. Instead, slowly, it drags men & woman into a false security until that moment arrives when they will be cast into Hell for all Eternity!

    The best advice for all of us is to avoid evil people who spend their time toying with the diabolical, trying to shock us.

    Simply, if we are bothered by bad actions of others, we should rather jump-start our lives by concentrating on our own holiness and avoiding Evil in every way.

    Evil has nothing to teach about Holiness and Divine Wisdom.

  2. I have to admit that in my more youthful days I used to enjoy watching the John Stewart show. But as Scripture says when I became a man I put away childish things, since then I simply cannot stomach the man’s show (or any other late night show that produced from the USA for that matter).

    These shows make fun of everything for the sake of comedy, nothing is taboo for them. I mean, to crack a joke about the Vatican and the Catholic Church, about our Lord Jesus Christ, about the Jewish Holocaust is very acceptable and in fact very much approved. There’s always in these crowds some person (usually a woman for some matter) that whenever a joke is made that is pro-gay or pro-feminism a large scream of approval is made by the person. It’s actually quite annoying, like the Ellen Degeneres show….

    I used to advise people to perhaps revert to showing meaningful shows on TV, like on the Discovery Channel or the History Channel. Or perhaps Cartoon Network or the Christian channels available. What a big mistake that was! All of these channels in some way have such crude dribble that it’s almost impossible to watch something meaningful. Like a wise priest of the Society of St. Pius X once said during a sermon just before Lent: “If any of you are unfortunate to have a television set….” There’s much truth in that statement that’s for sure.

  3. The work-around to receive EWTN independetly of Multichoice is:
    EWTN-EUROPE(Catholic Channel) on DSTV Decoders
    DSD 660,720i,980,990,Two-View, 1110 and 1131.
    NOT for any of PVR models.

    1) Press “Menu”, move down to “Advanced Options” and press “OK”.
    2) Press “OK” on “Dish Installation”, enter PIN “9949”
    3) Move to “Network 2” and press right arrow for “DSTV I/S7”, press “OK”.
    4) Move down to #6, press “OK” and enter new frequency “12603”, press “OK”.
    5) Move down to Symbol Rate, press “OK”, enter “26652”, press “OK”.
    6) Move down to FEC and press left arrow to change to “1/2”,
    7) Move down to Polarization, it should be “Vertical”.
    8) Move down to NIT and press left arrow to “NO”
    9) Move down to #11 and press “OK” to save changes.
    10) Move down to #9 “Scan All Networks” and press “OK”.
    11)When DSTV channel re-appears, press “TV” and press up arrow to “Public I/S7/10”, then press “OK”. Press arrows to EWTN and press OK
    12)Wait for the Channel Identification Bar at bottom of screen to disappear and press Right “VOL” arrow for “Channel Overlay”.
    13)Use left and right, up and down arrows to highlight desired channel and press “OK”.
    14) “EWTN” is the Catholic Channel.
    NOTE:- When scanning there should be 17 or 18 transponders connected.
    If there are only 12 or 13 then an LNBF 9750/10600 may have been installed instead of the standard 9750/10700.
    Change the LNBF High setting in the “Home Network”, from 10700 to 10600, and move down to bottom,#11 and press “OK” to save changes.
    Then move down to #9 “Scan All Networks” and press “OK”. The decoder should then find 17 transponders.
    Alternatively your dish may be smaller than 65cms or could be slightly out of alignment.