Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jesuit Progressivism

Pope Benedict XVI and Fr. Adolfo Nicolas

If you follow my Blog, you will have noticed a number of posts by me about the Jesuits. It is my opinion that many of the Jesuits seem to have lost their way and that their actions/views are causing more damage to the Church, than those secular organisations who attack the Church from outside.

The Vatican Insider contains an article, titled “The new Jesuits, always hovering between orthodoxy and progressivism”, which expresses similar concerns as I have previously expressed in my posts. In the article they claim that Pope Benedict XVI has himself “reiterated the urgent need for the life and doctrinal search of Jesuits to always be animated by a true spirit of faith and communion in humble fidelity to the teachings of the Magisterium.” Read more »

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  1. The 'funny thing' about progressivists are that whenever they use the word "justice" as a core value, then almost naturally one seems also to detect their close alignment with the following added attributes:

    Covetousness & Greed
    Sacramental abuse
    pro-Woman priests

    One supposes, loosely put, when the concept of justice is promoted as a "powerful pivotal word", promoting justice without any precautionary qualification, without any meaningful stabilising anchor or without any definitive standards or definition, then the “justice” word-concept can also be used to conjure up even Evil.

    In the extreme, without a standard, some would argue that any dogma, doctrine, or standard is equally unjust towards another, being generally being contrary to the status quo. Hence in the "name of Justice", Satan also amplifies the Deceiver’s Call in favour of Justice!

    Sometimes, one gets the impression, that the Jesuits may not properly understand the true meaning of "Justice" and therefore, they often find themselves accused as being on the side of the Enemy!

    With such loss of meaning in mind, we may be able to understand why many Jesuits are embroiled, embracing the many negative attributes as is listed above.

    More specifically, the Christian, to be authentic must develop the theological meaning of Justice and confine the practice of justice through Jesus' struggle and ongoing combat against Sin which has been endowed upon man for his salvation through the utility and exclusive power of Sacramental Grace, i.e. the favouring use, distribution and humble reception of the actual seven Sacraments which are mercifully bestowed on people with prayer, sacrifice, and by charitable atonement for all Sin; thereby absolving the prime cause of all injustice.