Friday, 24 February 2012

Assault May Have Just Begun

Yesterday I again wrote, in an email to someone, that I believed the HHS mandate had far greater implications than we may have even begun to consider. I have always been of the opinion that this piece of legislation in the US is just a first step in a bigger scheme to restrict religious freedom.

Today I read an article, from the Catholic News Agency, titled, “Government assault may have just begun, Cardinal Dolan warns”. In it Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Lori are quoted as saying: “Recent actions by the administration have attempted to reduce this free exercise to a 'privilege' arbitrarily granted by the government as a mere exemption from an all-encompassing, extreme form of secularism.

Watch carefully. If the US administration get there way and this HHS mandate stands, Catholics in the US can prepare for an even more direct assault on their religious freedom. Sadly, if the US administration gets away with it, before long the governments of many other countries will also see this as invitation to impose restrictions of their own on Catholics. What we Catholics are taking for granted today, may not be possible tomorrow.

Read the entire CNA article there »

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