Friday, 24 February 2012

Its Not About Contraception

I am about to do, what I would have laughed at hysterically just 30 minutes ago, if anyone had suggested I do it. I am going to recommend an article, by a particular writer, in a particular newspaper. Normally I would steer anyone who asked well away from both her and this newspaper. However, this time she gets it and should be read.

The article is by Phyllis Zagano, of the National Catholic Reporter, and is titled, “It's not (only) about contraception” and yes, again, for the second time on my Blog today, it is about the HHS mandate. 

I think you will realise by now that I think that this HHS mandate is the start of something far more significant than we care to give it credit. It must be resisted at all costs by Catholics in the US, supported by Catholics all around the world. It will spread to other countries if the US administration is successful in its implementation.

I will leave you to read it for yourself but I want to highlight this specific statement by Zagano, which shows that she gets it and makes my point for me:

The fracas has less to do with private moral choices and religious liberty than with rewriting the First Amendment's first freedom, religion. The new code words used by major and minor administration officials are "freedom of worship," and the free exercise of religion is being reduced to free speech inside church buildings.

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