Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vote Rigging In USA?

I don’t know about you, but I would want to crawl into a very deep and dark little hole, never to be seen in public again, if I had done what Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa did during the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  Apparently President Obama had insisted that the Democrats make changes to the Democrat party platform, so that it would include the words “God” and “Jerusalem”.  Brilliant, no harm in that proposal! 

All that President Obama needed to do was put the idea to a vote and, if two thirds of the Democrats agreed with the motion, the changes would be implemented.  Simple.  Well, maybe not that simple.  You see, in any democratic process there is always the possibility that two thirds may in fact not agree with the proposal.  Well, don’t worry, they’re politicians and when has democracy ever stood in the way of what politicians want.  President Obama and his cronies certainly had that possibility well covered!  Watch carefully how, despite each of the 3 votes clearly being equally split between the aye's and the nays, they proceed to declare the achievement of a two third majority anyway.  Why not, that was their objective after all!

What was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa thinking?  If you ask me, Villaraigosa clearly thinks that those Democrats casting their vote are mere simpletons and that they simply do not justify having their wishes given any consideration.  There really can be no other explanation for his blatant misrepresentation of the facts of this vote!  This is atrocious!  This kind of mendacious behaviour is what one expects would happen in the government of a third world country.  Surely not in the illustrious USA!

What is even worse is that, not only does Villaraigosa not seem in the least bit bothered by his unconscionable behaviour; he is even prepared to defend his actions.  He dismisses the concerns raised by reporters as nothing more than “…a lot of ado about nothing”.  Villaraigosa also insists that he definitely heard two thirds in favour and says: “I was the chairman and I did, and that was the prerogative of the chair.”  This man surely needs to see a doctor about his hearing?

It is clear that Villaraigosa behaved in this irrational manner because he wanted to impress the President.  Villaraigosa proudly claims that “The president of the United States and the leader of my party asked me to do this, and so I’m proud I have a president who believes God and Jerusalem should be in the platform, and so do I.”  

No chap, this is not about whether God or Jerusalem should be in the platform.  This is vote rigging!  You misrepresented the facts.  You adopted an autocratic, not a democratic process!

President Obama also showed his true colours.  He praised Villaraigosa for his action, saying: “You showed why you were speaker of the California Assembly.”  Really?  Let me think this through.  It seems to me that what Obama is saying is that, to be the speaker of the California Assembly, you need to rid yourself of any ethical values.  Then you need to blatantly misrepresent the facts, thereby ensuring that you achieve your stated objective at any cost.  Great, I am glad that we cleared that up.

You cannot end this without considering what this tells us about President Obama?  He was the one who wanted the changes implemented.  He was there and without a shadow of a doubt President Obama knows exactly what happened during the vote!  At worst he saw what happened later, as it was played back over and over on almost every TV network.  If Obama had a decent bone in his body, he would surely intervene and insist that the suggested changes not be implemented, in accordance with the true results of the vote.  It is the right thing to do!  It is the honest thing to do!

Oh, and just so that there is no confusion, because there will surely be those who will argue that it was right to put God back in their platform.  I agree, but this actually has absolutely nothing to do with whether “God” or “Jerusalem” should, or shouldn’t, be in the Democrat party platform.  This is about applying the principle of the ends justify the means.  It is confirmation that the values of these people dictate that they may rig the vote when they believe that their cause should be adopted, regardless of the views of those who may disagree.  Well, if they can do it there in full public view, what stops them doing it elsewhere, especially when it is behind closed doors.  Can you really trust these people?

The leaders, including the President, of the USA, have blatantly showed us there complete and utter disregard for both the democratic process and for the will of the people!  This lack of ethical behaviour explains many of their actions, such as the fact that they have no qualms about their drones killing hundreds of innocent civilians in other countries.

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  1. I saw on tv that Villaraigosa was reading something prepared for him on the teleprompter. I saw footage of said teleprompter.
    It seemed as though he took three "votes" to try and get one that matched the already decided outcome.