Friday, 21 September 2012

DSTv Discriminates Openly Against Catholics

I wrote a letter to the CEO of DSTv recently and accused them of discriminating against South African Catholics.  I pointed out to them in my letter that the Muslims have their own TV channel, Rhema have their own TV channel, and other non-denominational churches have their own channel on DSTv.  Catholics in South Africa do not.

I further pointed out in my letter that, since DSTv was already providing the rest of its African viewers with access to EWTN, DSTv’s refusal, despite numerous requests, to provide EWTN to South African Catholics, can logically only be construed to be directly discriminatory towards South African Catholics!

I have now become aware of the following notice received from EWTN.  (Note: I am not claiming that this notice was because of my letter - In any case, even if it was, I am sure DSTv would deny it has any relation to their decision)

Notice Regarding DStv (Multichoice Africa)

EWTN has received notification from Multichoice Africa (known as DStv) of their decision to cease carrying EWTN Global Catholic Network on their channel lineup, effective as of August 31, 2012.  We have since been in contact with representatives of Multichoice and have attempted to see if they would reconsider.  Unfortunately, we have been told that the decision is final.

Is this the DSTv response to the accusation of discrimination against Catholics?  Instead of doing the right thing and making EWTN available to South African Catholics, DSTV removes EWTN from Catholics throughout Africa!  A clever little corporate legal tap dance, which removes the implication of discrimination, because DSTv can now claim that EWTN is not available on any of its channels anywhere in the world!

Catholics are not naïve.  The reality is that this action by DSTV shows clearly that, whoever makes decisions about the content at DSTv, is undoubtedly exceptionally anti-Catholic.  That person, or persons, has an agenda to suppress Catholics in this beautiful country of South Africa!

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