Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bishops To Sue DSTV

I am not alone in my outrage at DSTVs clear discrimination against Catholics.  I wrote recently about how, in South Africa, DSTV has made various religious channels available through its satellite television network, but has refused to make available the Catholic channel, EWTN, despite numerous requests. 

The religious channels offered by DSTV includes: 1G, TBN Africa, Rhema TV and iTV.  Until recently DSTV did also make available the Catholic network, EWTN, to its viewers outside of South Africa, such as in Nigeria, on channel 348.  That is however no longer true.  DSTV has now cancelled that channel, despite protests.  You can read more about it in this post: DSTV Discriminates Openly Against Catholics.

The bishops of Nigeria have not been silent on the discrimination shown by DSTV towards Catholics.  The Catholic Bishops have protested DSTV’s suspension of religious channel and the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has gone as far as to declare that “it will sue the management of the satellite television, DSTV, for suspending a religious channel on its bouquet.

It is time, in my opinion, for the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference to also speak out strongly, in solidarity with the Nigerian Bishops, on this subject.  In fact, its is time that the Catholic Bishop Conferences throughout Africa, who are affected by this decision of DSTV, join forces and take action against DSTV.

It is time to take a stand!!! 

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  1. It would be nice if some Catholic attorney/advocate would financially sponso a court action on behalf of the local bisops, with their consent, of course, against DSTV.

    In my book DSTV is discriminating, frustrating our Catholic constituional rights, albeit for very little cost, I still get EWTN without any assistamnce from DSTV.

  2. I understand that DSTv has returned EWTN to the available channels in Nigeria. The answer for South Africa remains "NO".