Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Better To Be Narrow Minded

I frequently face intense criticism for my refusal to read or watching anything that opposes or challenges the teaching of the Catholic Church.  In this regard I am often accused of being extremely narrow-minded.

I am often told that, if my faith was really strong, I would not be afraid of opening myself to the alternate views and ideas in the world about my faith.  I am accused, not infrequently either, of being terrified of learning that what I have believed for all these years may not in fact be the truth?

The truth of the matter is that yes, I am very afraid.  But I am not afraid for the reasons that people may present, when they are trying to convince me to read and watch material that contradicts or challenges Church teaching.  You see I know, without a moments doubt, that if I keep to what Holy Mother Church teaches me, I will not be deceived into believing anything that is wrong.  There is just no chance of God allowing that to happen!

So what am I so afraid of?  I am afraid, terrified in fact, of actually finding out just how weak a person I really am.  You see, what is at stake here is my soul and I have absolutely no intention of ever gambling with it.  I simply cannot risk exposing myself to any material that may lead to me becoming confused, or to me being deceived by the shrewd, deceptive and often very convincing views that some people present to distort our faith.

One only has study the various heresies that have arisen in the history of the Church to get an insight into how often very smart and well-informed members of the Church have got it wrong.  Now, if they got it wrong, how much greater is the possibility of me getting it wrong?  Wisdom therefore dictates that I should restrict myself to only that material that does not oppose or challenge the teaching of the Church.

One sure way to do this is to check the front of the book and ensure that it has received the “imprimatur”.  Another way could be to find a priest that you trust and check with him before exposing yourself to the contents of books or movies that may imperil your faith.  

The point is that, no matter how you go about protecting yourself, you must protect yourself and lean towards being narrow-minded rather than taking risks with the welfare of your soul.  Its just that simple.

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