Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vatican Warns About Nun's Book

Cardinal William Levada
Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has again been placed in the position of having to warn Catholics against a book written by a theologian, who also happens to be a nun. According to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Sr. Margaret Farley’s 2006 book, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics”, contains a number of erroneous propositions on various Church teachings.

I find it so difficult to comprehend why any Catholic would publically present views that contradict Church teaching. I can understand the need for on going dialogue on various subjects. This could be achieved quite successfully by way of theologians, and anyone else who cares to do so, submitting their views to the Magisterium for consideration or by setting up appropriate private forums to enable such dialogue with relevant Church representatives. However, until such time as the Magisterium decides to accept these views and to change Church teaching, why would one, under the banner of being a credible presenter of Catholic teaching, have the audacity to make ones views public? Do these people actually ever stop to consider the implications of their actions? Do they think about the confusion that they create and the harm that they cause?

The fact that so often it is also in fact priests, deacons and religious who are presenting these contradictory views, makes this even more difficult to understand. If the Church were a corporate, which the Church clearly is not, these ‘employees’ would be ‘reined in’ so quickly their heads would spin. If they still wouldn’t adopt and promote the views of the corporate, after being ‘reined in’, I have no doubt that they would quickly find themselves unemployed and no longer in a position to represent the corporate.

No one forces anyone to be a Catholic! So, why would one insist on being identified as a Catholic if one does not share or agree with the beliefs of Catholics? Why would one insist on presenting and convincing others that ones own views are more credible than that taught by the Church? What is it that drives these people to do this?

I don’t have the answers! I can however tell you that I am simply astounded at this extraordinary behaviour!

We have to pray continually for the Pope and all our bishops that they will have the courage and wisdom to remain always faithful to the teaching of Christ, which they have received through the Apostles from Christ Himself.

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  1. You just made me more curious to go out and read this book. I now actually want to go and buy this book and to form my own opinion. You have spent far too much time and space with general criticism. Why not take some of the viewpoints in this book and put "proper" perspectives on it? That way we know what was said about this very controversial issue and also we would have been informed about the Vatican's views! Please see this as constructive input! Kind regards.

    1. I have now done a post on Why the Vatican is warning about the nun's book. Here is the link:

  2. I see that non-Catholics, Cafeteria Catholics and anti-Catholics are out in full force supporting Sr Farley (which is incredibly ironic). I also see that the theological society of America also support her, presuming to tell the CDF what is and is not Catholic theology. It's ludicrous.

  3. These way...way...way... wayward and way-out innovative bishops, priests, nuns, religious and laity are indeed a fact of life. They always have been…

    Prior to Vatican II, however, the waters of our Faith and Hope were generally kept clean with Charitable filters, holy Priests and Bishops, with fervent Prayer, the Saints, High Mass & low Mass, with beautiful attributes like veneration, reverence, Benediction, Processions, Catechism, weekly Confession, woman wearing veils at Mass, Altar Boys, Communion received on the tongue, good art, fine architecturally designed churches, excellent music and choirs, accomplished musicians, and so on.

    Prior to Vatican II, the people were generally holy, praying and striving to live Catholic spirituality. Protestantism and Non-Catholic religions were in taboo. There were also the sodalities which specialised and practised particular spiritual works of Mercy...

    Then came Vatican II and out went the washing, out went the soap, out went the baby...and the nanny eloped with the boyfriend; the girl friend with the girlfriend; the boyfriend with the boyfriend and in came other sordid practices. They even, until recently, tried to create aberration and abomination with Eucharist!

    And, to affirm themselves, they brought in USA designed Encounter movements, Liberation Theology, Alpha and Renew, Justice and Peace...All in the name of "sorting" everybody out; indoctrinating Freedom and Revolution; locked in trying to overturn the governments of the world; rebuking the Church, the Pope, and the Magisterium, Herself.

    Briefly, my conclusion here is to have nothing to do with them! My focus resides in reading and study of Church Teaching; in following the Pope, the Magisterium; practising the Church’s Devotions as best I can; upholding the Name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.... As for the rest, the way...way...way...wayward and way-out infiltrators, they must be seriously ignored, inside and outside the Church!