Friday, 8 June 2012

Computers And Lent

Last weekend I was forced to take note of just how reliant I have become on my computer and also to change my opinion about people who suffer hard-drive crashes. Why? Well because last weekend I experienced what I have fortunately never ever experienced before. My trusty MacBook’s hard-drive crashed.

A crashed hard-drive has, until now, always seemed more like an urban myth to me. Everyone speaks about it, but I have never experienced it. I was adamant, based on my 19 years of completely hard-drive crash free experience, that a crashed hard-drive was simply the consequence of bad computer users. A bit like a car crash is generally a consequence of bad driving. Well I have to take that back. I certainly didn’t abuse my computer. I simply turned it on, like I do every other morning, and all I got was … nothing!

Today, a week later, the Mac is still not repaired. It has been a nightmare of a week! What to do when one has no computer? 

It really was eye opening to realise how dependant I had become on that tiny flat box. I was determined to manage without until my computer was repaired. Sadly, today, when I was told my computer was still not ready, I broke down and decided to take up my wife’s offer and use her computer for the weekend. Mmmm, maybe I should try giving up a computer for Lent next year? Could I abstain for that entire period?

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