Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Campaign: Support Pope Benedict XVI in face of Nazi Accusation

A campaign has been launched on Facebook to muster support for Pope Benedict XVI in the face of the despicable accusations by Susan Sarandon. Susan Sarandan in an interview on Saturday, 15 October 2011, referred to Pope Benedict XVI as "the Nazi one we have now." When the interviewer tried to dismiss the remark Sarandan repeated the accusations. The campaign is here: "Support Pope Benedict XVI in Face of Sarandon Nazi Accusations". Why not sign up in support of the Pope.


  1. Mark, saw your comments on Fr Z's blog about "liking you" on Facebook and your disappointment about how few have. Please know I would "like you" but I refuse to have a Facebook account.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Obviously if you don't have a Facebook account I understand. I appreciate your indication of support for Pope Benedict XVI here. God bless you.

  3. Hi Mark, I just saw your comment on Father Z's, too. I wrote a comment in your support.

    I 'like' you and what you're doing to support our Holy Father against morons like Susan Sarandon, but like the other Anonymous commentor, I refuse to have a Facebook account.

    Keep it up, Mark! I'm glad that we Catholics have that Irish pitbull Bill Donohue of the Catholic League on our side!

    Barb in NY (called 'irishgirl' on Father Z's blog)

  4. I "like" you too and also refuse to participate in Facebook. Thank you for bringing attention to this matter - I was shocked to learn that Sarandon's alma mater is the Catholic University?? God bless you for your courage and effort to evangelize and stand up for our Holy Father.
    Deidre in Toronto

    1. You are all good reasons why I am not a Catholic. Do you think Jesus called people morons because they didn't believe what he believed. Leave the women alone. She has her own path. How come Christians always seem to forget about verses in the bible that relate to judgement? I know it makes you feel superior but sheesh. Do you honestly believe that if Christ returned today he would have anything to do with Catholicism?