Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Better The Devil You Know

Rotting Corpse of Muammar Gaddafi

I recently expressed my opinion about the murder of Gaddafi and his son after they were captured and murdered in Sirte, Libya. I made the point in “Trial for Gaddafi Executioner” that, despite what they may have been guilty of, we cannot ever resort to the same barbaric behaviour because “the moment that we executed Bin Laden and Gaddafi, we became them!

This morning the Mail Online has a report titled, “Ignominious end for dictator Gaddafi as he is buried with his son Mutassim in unmarked desert grave at dawn”. What disturbed me most in this report was additional information revealing that the “gruesome manner of Gaddafi’s end was heightened yesterday when footage emerged that appeared to show the tyrant being sodomised with a knife by his captors moments before his death.

I am sorry, but anyone who resorts to this type of behaviour is in no way different to Gaddafi himself. These Libyan rebels became murderous savage animals. If the NTC does not institute criminal proceedings against these relevant Libyan rebels, for the killing of Gaddafi and these other acts of savage brutality, the NTC sends a message that they condone this behaviour. Not a good start to a new free country.

Many have questioned whether Britain and the other supporters of the Libyan rebels actually knew whom they were getting into bed with when they decided to support them. I think that they may soon find the truthful answer to this question and, judging by the recent behaviour of the Libyan rebels, Britian and their partners may soon be wishing that they had kept the devil that they knew.

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