Sunday, 16 October 2011

“Ethical Incest Fantasy?”

Gates of Hell

Yesterday, when I came across the story of how Dan Savage bullied an innocent man[1], I also noted that he, Dan Savage was allegedly America’s leading relationship and sexual advice columnist. I decided to read some of the advice that Dan Savage was offering his many readers, many of whom seem to be young people. Here are some of the bits of advice given by Dan Savage:

1.    There is an ethical way to act on incest fantasies”.[2]
2.   The mistake that straight people made was imposing the monogamous expectation on men. Men were never expected to be monogamous.[3]
3.    We have to learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about homosexuality.”[4]
4.    Anal sex is not a first-date activity.[5]
5.    No teenager wants to be given a masturbatory device by her parent. But that doesn't mean a teenager — even your teenager — wouldn't be delighted to have a masturbatory device.[6]

There were many other pieces of advice that would have even more clearly demonstrated how reprehensible this man’s advice is. They contained explicit, vulgar terminology and I decided that, if I published the filth on my blog, I would simply be perpetuating the distribution of this vile material. So, you will have to take my word for it, or go look it up yourself, when I say that it is nauseating to read it.

I am no prude, however, it seems to me that what our children are being exposed to today, has being taken to an entirely new level. How is it possible that any media group can even begin to justify publishing a column by a person who argues that “incest sexual fantasies” can somehow be practiced in an “ethical way”? What is wrong with our world when, on the one hand the abuse of children by the clergy is, quite rightly too, treated with absolute horror and disgust, yet, at the same time, the media chooses to publish a column that supports “ethical sexual incest fantasies” and there is no backlash of any kind whatsoever? Surely it is not just Christians that consider this unacceptable? Surely even Atheists and Agnostics want to protect their children and themselves from this depravity?

Today many have lost or are losing their sense of sin. Consequently, they are losing their sense of God. Unnatural behaviour contrary to divine law is now treated as the normal course of things in films, on television, in the press . . .[7]

I think that it is time for Christians to wake up and smell the coffee. We have to begin making a stand now, not tomorrow. Our Christian values are being steadily eroded and attacked. We are increasingly relinquishing our Christian rights under the guise of wanting to avoid confrontation. Yet these groups are unashamedly confrontational and have a very clear objective of imposing their beliefs and values on us, whether we like it or not. Unless we bring a halt to this, we will soon find that we are no longer able to practice our faith. This is a serious matter and the ultimate cost is our souls and the souls of our children.

In this same society there is a terrible moral and religious void. Today all seem frantically directed towards material conquests: make money, invest, surround oneself with new comforts, live the good life. Few think also of doing good. God – who should fill our life – has, on the contrary, become a very distant star, to which people look only at certain moments. People believe that they are religious because they go to church; but outside of church they want to lead the same life as many others, marked by small or big deceits, acts of injustice, sins against charity; and thus they lack total coherence.[8]


  1. apparently you do not understand the nature of question or the answer. Incest fantasies are about power dynamics. not family dynamics. Rape victims have many power dynamic fantasies. This rape victim is having a power dynamic fantasy about incest it is a way of a incest survive to deal with sexual feelings as well as the feelings of guilt and shame. Savage suggests that AFTER talking to their doctor they may want to play out the fantasy with a stranger. NO real incest. Victims of rape and incest find that living out fantasies with trusted partners in a controlled way takes power away from the actual event of rape or incest and shows them their strength. For some it is the only way they can have sex at first. After that they can with therapy lead more vanilla lives.

    not once did they mention actually having incest as acceptable. It isn't neither is rape or child molesting.

  2. This has little to do with real incest. Just like my husband stripping for me has nothing to do with any real stripper. I have no interest in a stripper. the fantasy has a different dynamic than the reality.