Monday, 10 October 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011: Bryce Lawrence Celebrates Victory

Bryce Lawrence Celebrates his victory in the RWC 2011

Yesterday’s world cup rugby game between South Africa and Australia infuriated me. It got so bad that eventually I just watched the game with my mouth hanging open in total disbelief as I saw decision after decision being made by a referee who clearly has no idea about the rules of the game.

It can only be that he doesn't know the rules because, if he does know the rules, then he quite frankly doesn't care that he was obviously favouring Australia with his shocking decisions. South Africa didn’t lose yesterdays game and Australia certainly didn’t win it. Bryce Lawrence took victory from South Africa and handed it to the Australians on a silver plate. Bryce Lawrence should have told us all in advance. Then I could have focussed on watching the entire F1 race and celebrated Sebastian Vettel winning the F1 World Championship instead. (Even though I am a McLaren supporter.)

By the way, if you agree with me about Bryce Lawrence, then why not join me and countless others who are signing the petition on Facebook to stop him being the referee of any rugby game again. Here is the link: Petition To Stop Bryce Lawrence Ever Reffing A Rugby Game Again

If you want to read what Mark Reason of the Telegraph had to say about Bryce Lawrence then read it here »

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