Sunday, 16 October 2011

50th Anniversary of Vatican II

Pope Benedict XVI

I think that it is fantastic that Pope Benedict XVI this morning, Sunday, 16 October 2011, declared the “Year of Faith”[1]. A renewed focus on Faith is exactly what the Church needs. The "Year of Faith" will begin on 11 October 2012 and end on 24 November 2013. This date is significant because it was on 11 October 1962 that Vatican II was opened. The “Year of Faith” will therefore mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II.

Pope Benedict XVI made the announcement during his homily while celebrating Mass in St Peter’s Basilica, with about 8000 delegates who were participating in a Vatican hosted conference on evangelisation.

Pope Benedict XVI said the “Year of Faith will give “a greater impulse to the mission of the entire Church to bring man out of the desert where he often finds himself, towards life and towards friendship with Christ who gives us this life in all its variety.

Pope Benedict XVI said further that: “It will be a moment of grace and of engagement for an ever fuller movement towards God, to strengthen the faith in Him and to announce it with joy to modern man.

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