Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Are you missing any siblings?

Have any of us ever considered that we may not have been here if our mother had elected to have an abortion? In addition, have we ever considered that, if our mother has ever had an abortion, we have yet to meet one or more, as the case may be, of our siblings? A sibling, or siblings, who I am sure God has already taken into heaven with him. A sibling whom we will eventually meet when our lives here are over!

Lord Nicholas Windsor, a cousin of the Queen, put my thoughts on this subject far more eloquently in the “The Telegraph” recently. Here is some of what he had to say:

Abortion is perceived as a solution to a problem called unwanted pregnancy. A real problem, then. A real "solution", too. But it's not a just solution for all concerned. It leaves out of the picture the consequences for "the entity", about whose nature we've disagreed so passionately in the last decades. Was it always like that? Didn't we used to know in our heads and feel in our guts that if one had conceived, then that meant one was pregnant, which meant in turn that one was going to wait patiently, if uncomfortably, for nine months and then go on "to have" a baby – to really give birth to one and hold it in one's hands. All being well, that's what happened. It used to be that basic a consideration. It's got a lot murkier in recent years. We're told we can't afford such simple knowledge any longer. Now we need interminable philosophical debates to establish the status of the embryo, or the foetus, or the unborn child, or whatever it is. To me, a lot of this is sheer sophistry. Who's kidding whom here?[1]

I think all of us know by our own gut feeling that the moment a women falls pregnant she is carrying a little baby inside her. One only has to see the trauma that women experience, when they learn they are pregnant and then are later told they are no longer pregnant, to know that they believed that there was a little life inside them who just died. Even if this news comes during the very early stages of her pregnancy.

I have noticed that even men almost instinctively begin treating women more protectively and tenderly when they hear that she is pregnant. Why, well because all of us know instinctively, no matter what others may conveniently choose to argue about the subject, that there is life inside her that needs protection.

What I fail to understand is why, knowing what we instinctively know, we silently permit murder to continue in this way? It is estimated that in the United States 53,310,843 babies were aborted in the last 35 years. That is 2,9 babies, per minute, that are being killed just in the United States. If you are a quick reader and got through this article in 2 minutes, then 5,8 babies died while you were reading this.

What has happened to us that we silently allow this massacre to continue?

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  1. I am 60 years old now, and if abortion had been legal 60 years ago, there's a good chance I wouldn't be here.