Thursday, 20 October 2011

Teachers Fail Parents

Stacy Trasancos posted a very interesting post on her Blog today. I was horrified when I read how the teachers at a school in Hartford had locked the school children into a school building. Why? Well to force them to watch a play in which homosexuals are portrayed as normal and heterosexuals as abnormal. It is clear from the reaction of the children that many of the children clearly didn’t want to watch the play and found the idea of two men kissing on stage repulsive.

I agree wholeheartedly with Stacy’s response. I would however also add that the responsibility for the education of children is always first and foremost the responsibility of the parents. If teachers want to subject children to anything outside of the normal school curriculum, they must consult with and get the explicit permission of the parents first. Teachers have absolutely no right whatsoever to force moral values, especially ones as contentious as homosexuality, on a child without that child’s parent’s permission.

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