Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dolanism: Modern Equivalent of Relativism?

Cardinal Dolan

I came across this video wherein Michael Voris expresses his opinion about Cardinal Dolan giving Holy Communion to US Vice President Joe Biden on Palm Sunday, 2013.  This is the same Vice President who has publicly supported abortion, contraception and gay marriage.  Voris does not pull any punches.

I can just imagine how those who were furiously punting Cardinal Dolan as the next Pope may be reacting to this extremely blunt and unflattering opinion piece about Cardinal Dolan.  The "Dolanites", as Voris describes them, must be fuming.

My humble opinion.  I think Voris is way out of line attacking Cardinal Dolan publicly in this way.  Whether Voris is right about his reasons for being upset and critical is not the point.  I would have made the video and sent it to Cardinal Dolan, not published it on YouTube.

But maybe I am wrong.  Maybe we do need to take our bishops to task when they fail to adhere to, teach and defend the teaching of Holy Mother Church.  After all, our children are watching them and we are watching them.

The bishops have been ordained as the successors of the Apostles and must defend and pass on the Deposit of Faith, which the Apostles received directly from Christ, unchanged and UNDILUTED.

Personally I have far greater respect for a bishop who is not afraid to be unpopular.  For example, I like a bishop who, in the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, is willing to show compassion for everyone, even as Christ did for the 'good' thief on the cross.  A bishop who is willing to and does express compassion for the abused and for the abused abuser, irrespective of whether this is politically correct or not.

It is just sad that we didn't have a Michael Voris in South Africa when our South African bishop was attacked for his expression of compassion.  Voris may have been a good response to those Catholics who, even though they stand up week after week and preach how we should love our neighbour and show compassion for all, attacked the bishop for expressing compassion. It seems that what these Catholics mean by showing compassion is that it should only be shown when it is politically correct to do so.

Anyway I have digressed.  Put on your seatbelt and watch this video.


  1. It seems that Voris does raise some important points concerning the Cardinal's approach to worldly matters. Yes, too, there needs to be plenty of compassion for those people who do wrong including the Cardinals, though such Cardinals must also make better efforts in how they approach those that do wrong or that support acts contrary to our teachings (e.g. abortion). Particularly so, because they are in such positions and must not be seen to cause confusion to both the public and Catholics. For instance, such compassion might easily get overlooked with the idea that they are hypocritical to important issues of the CC.

  2. I watched the entire video, and I have to say that although he made some good points, I can't agree with him whole-heartedly. The only people who know whether or not Vice President Biden should receive Holy Communion is his pastor (or whatever priest/bishop is his spiritual adviser), VP Biden, and God. No one else truly knows whether or not VP Biden truly understand the severity of the situation and how it has been handled. I have to trust that those three people are working through the situation in an appropriate and pastoral manner because I truly don't have enough information (and no one else besides those three people do either) to make those those judgments/decisions.

  3. I'm sorry. A private Confession with his pastor is not good enough. Biden is a public figure and he has supported Abortion Publicly ; effectively he has excommunicated himself. Dolan, can release him of the penalty of excommunication , only providing Biden also repents PUBLICLY (i.e. in the same forom that he proclaimed his support for abortion). So far, Biden has not repented publicly.

    Please, let's be honest, let's not try to play the GOOD HYPOCRIITICAL "CATHOLIC" while endorsing Sin and Bad behaviour, endorsing evil.

    Here, you are indeed not being charitable (possibly due to negligence and lack of knowledge), especially to the aborted child or to those who will lose their soul because of the endorsement of abortion by Biden (directly) and by Dolan (indirectly - tacitly and implicitly).

    Contrary to your opinion, you do have the information to make a sound judgement from the facts that have been presented and it these facts about which, in justice, you need to make a judgement, if only to condemn "Dolanism".

  4. Michael Voris is my type of Man!

    He knows what has been going wrong inside of the Church and he knows that the wrong has been caused by certain members of the hierarchy who also happen to be paedophiles and perverts; clever cunning men who fail the Sacraments (especially by not promoting Confession; especially by the toleration of the reception of the Eucharist while carrying and promoting grave Sin).

    Voris is not part of the "sissy brigade" who hide behind " false charitable labels" while being weaklings and sorded in opinion..

    Michael Voris is Militant and his Militancy speaks out in order to defend the Faith and the Church of Jesus Christ in unity with the Magisterium and her Doctrines, an act of charity which defends the weak, the innocent, and the simple from the wicked teeth of hungry wolves.

    His vocation is a specialised one. He carries his namesake, St Michael's name, very bravely indeed.

  5. Christ's law transcends all. We should ask ourselves: "what would Jesus do?" and we can support our answer with all sorts of quotes from scripture. Would Christ turn Biden away?
    Would He take up the whip? Would He cast the first stone? This is not an easy one.

  6. Modernists and liberals have used this argument of not casting the first stone repeatedly to support behaviour that is clearly contrary to the will of God. We forget that after Jesus stopped the woman being stoned, he then turned back to her and said go and sin no more. He didn't leave her to merrily carry on unchanged.

    The issue with Biden is that he has obstinately persisted in his rejection of Church teaching. Canon law is clear: "Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion."

    Catholics do not have to be airy fairy push overs. When Jesus turned over the money changing tables in the temple, would we have stopped him and asked him to tolerate this? I don't think he would have let us!

  7. " Biden needs a charitable "kick up the ass!"" I agree, and in this comment you say everything I was so inept at conveying in my comment. Thank you.
    For the record, I do not support Biden's views on abortion or anything else. I just have Sunday's gospel of 2 weeks ago stuck in my head for some reason.