Saturday, 11 February 2012

Paedophile Investigation Report Shelved

The Vatican shelved an investigation into allegations that a priest sexually abused a teenage girl in the sacristy at the parish it has emerged.

Are you thinking, oh no, here we go again? Well, don’t stress, the line you have just read was actually altered by me. The original line can be found in The Telegraph and it reads as follows:

The BBC shelved a Newsnight investigation into allegations that Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused a teenage girl in his dressing room at Television Centre, it has emerged.

What is even more horrifying is the reasoning given by the BBC for its decision. A BBC spokesman is quoted as saying:

The extreme nature of the claims about Savile meant that the Newsnight report was going to seriously compromise the lavish BBC tributes scheduled to run later the same month. And second, the allegations directly involved the BBC, in that the woman who gave the interview said that she and others were abused by Savile on BBC premises.

Amazing. The BBC would rather retain its lavish tributes to a paedophile than paint the man in a bad light. I wonder of it would have been as considerate and accommodating of a Roman Catholic priest in similar circumstances. (Remember the way the media treated Fr. Kevin Reynolds.)

Can you imagine the hype if it had emerged that the Vatican had covered up this story of a 14-year-old girl being sexually abused in order to protect the image of a priest or the Church?

Since the death of Savile, the BBC has still not aired this investigative report!

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