Friday, 24 February 2012

Training Racists

Aside from the Aborigines in Australia, the African black is the most underdeveloped, barbaric member of the human race on Earth… Who is my enemy in South Africa? Who murders, robs and rapes? Who are these creatures? The blacks!

If those words shocked you as much as they shocked me, wait until you hear that they are not words spoken pre-1994, when South Africa made the transition from an apartheid government to a democratic government. They are words that were spoken very recently, by a 57-year old man, and reported in the Mail & Guardian Online. That is however not the least of it. The horror gets worse.

These words are part of a standard lecture, which is given by this 57-year old man, named in the article only as Jooste. It forms part of a regular training program that a group, known as “Kommandokorps”, runs for young Afrikaans boys. A training program to which parents voluntarily send their young boys, aged between 13 and 19. A training camp which is focussed on teaching young boys to love the old South African flag and the old South African anthem, and to hate the black person.

I don’t think anyone needs me to explain how horrific this report is. I do however have two things I would like to say:

Firstly, is there not a strong case to be made that the organisers of these training programs, and those who work for the organisation, should be charged with child abuse? Their behaviour surely cannot be considered any less harmful, than what children are exposed to when they suffer physical and verbal abuse.

Secondly, we need to pray.

Pray that the 1500 children, who have apparently already been exposed to these evil training programs, will be healed from the devastating impact that these programs must surely have had on them, even though, sadly, they may not even realise it.

Pray that these camps will be closed, and that no more children will ever suffer any further abuse by these people or other like-minded people.

Pray that those who setup these camps will be healed.

Pray that our country will be healed.

If you want to read the Mail & Guardian Online article, you will find it here »

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  1. Whilst I would like to agree with you and be "politically correct", I wish also to respectfully say that there is a flip side to the coin which you now present.

    The flip side is that in South Africa, most of the serious crime (rape, murder, heinous brutality, etc) is being committed by black people: black on black and black on white.

    The Afrikaans people, mainly those living on farms, have experienced brutal attacks and killing on their mothers, fathers, children and grandparents.

    It also should be noted when we accuse others of racism that the present black run government have done precious little to safeguard our white people and precious little to spread the ideology of Christianity. By this I mean, they have also done precious little to stop the dreaded belief in paganism, witchcraft and even Satanism. With their election, they were the ones who promulgated laws to encourage the brutal murder of the innocent child in the Womb - instead of using the benign word abortion for this crime - let's also call it the crime of "racism" in practice i.e discriminating against those inside the womb from those "elite" souls outside the mother's womb.

    In defence of the 57 year old man about whom you refer, for the sake of justice, should we not also consider his "Afrikaner" experience of blacks attacking whites? Why should he not train his "Afrikaner" children about the "realities" of life In South Africa?

    Please do not misunderstand me. I am not a racist but I am old enough to know that racism exists on both sides of the South African colour divide.

    Just a few nights ago, on Aljazeera, on a documentary on Hillbrow, a Blackman openly stated that when they, black people, see a Whiteman or a white woman they see "money" which then entitles them to rob and steal. Is this not open racism?

    It is my belief, even among Catholics, that the question of racism is being covered up and being gently swept under the carpet, being ignored for the sake of expedience.

    We all want to pretend that the "New South Africa" is squeaky clean. We do not like to publicly talk about racism in the same way as we do not wish to talk about religion, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, Sin.

    Why are we not so vociferous and horrified when good honest hard-working farmers are brutally murdered on their land. Or, why are we silent when race-murder is committed, like happened recently in my area when a Portuguese Catholic family (mother, father and 14year old son) were all brutally and heinously murdered in their home?

    When we hear of a 57 year-old Whiteman speaking to his kith and kin about his real life "family" experiences, why do we not empathise with this man's sorrowful life-experience?

    Why, on the otherhand, are we so righteous when we hear the same man training his "children" to expect to be attacked by the “other race”?

    Why do we not seek ways to comfort and to console; to weep for our children and our children's children; weeping also for those inside the mother's womb and those outside?

    Why are we not able to convert hearts from being bloody, hard and brutal into hearts which are kind, understanding and compassionate?

    Have we not all lost the plot?