Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clerical Dress

A matter that I often cogitate is why a priest does not wear clerical dress in public, outside of his church.  I accept that there are occasions when it is impractical to be dressed in a cassock or to wear a shirt with a clerical collar.  I even accept that the priest has every right to moments when he just does not want to dress in that way, such as at personal social events.

I do however believe that this custom, where so many priests do not wear clerical dress in public, is disappointing.  We need to see our priests out and about.  There are a number of good reasons for this, which I will not get into at this time because it is not the purpose of this post. 

Fr. Zuhlsdorf, a blogger, has today published an interesting post on this subject of clerical dress.  It is worth reading and so I decided to share it with you.  You can read it here …

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