Sunday, 18 November 2012

Abortion Not Health Treatment

The news of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar has attracted a great deal of media attention.  Pro-abortion groups, supported by secular media, have already stated, despite the fact that the investigation into her death is still to be concluded, that her death could have been avoided had she been permitted an abortion.  How do they know this for a fact, I wonder?

It is of course always difficult to respond to this situation.  The pro-abortion groups express sympathy with her family and demonstrate complete outrage at her death.  It is easy to appear to align with and be supportive of her family when one is shouting for justice and demanding a change in abortion legislation.

On the other hand, anyone who has the audacity to voice an opinion that the abortion may not necessarily have saved this mother’s life, is almost certainly going to get crucified.  The pro-abortion supporters will, without any doubt, launch out and brand pro-lifers in the worst possible way; starting with accusations of being completely unsympathetic and probably going all the way through to accusing them of being inhumane, insane, religious fanatics.

The truth is that everyone who has any decency is sad about Savita Halappanavar’s death.  Everyone, regardless of whether they are pro-life, pro-choice or have no position either way, are naturally devastated at this tragic event and feel the deepest sympathy for her husband and her family.  It is always sad when people die early in their lives and especially when it so sudden and unexpected.

Having said that, it really is completely unreasonable for the pro-choice movements to use this tragic event as the basis to incite people into demanding that abortion be legalised.  This, if you ask me, shows little, if any, respect for the memory of this deceased woman.  It shows a cold and calculated focus on their personal agenda, which is the legalisation of the very profitable business of ‘abortion’!

The investigation into the reasons for the death of Savita Halappanavar and whether an abortion could have saved her life is still being conducted.  Currently all that the pro-choice movement has, on which to base their accusations and claims that an abortion may have saved her, is the word of her husband.  This, we must remember, is a man who must be extremely traumatised by the tragic events that led to the death of his wife.  It is cruel what this movement is doing to this man and his family at this time. 

Prudence and true charity requires that we all need to remain calm and wait to hear the findings of the investigation that is being conducted.  Only then can all parties decide on an appropriate, if any, course of action.  Most importantly, this investigation will most certainly help the hospitals and its medical personnel to take relevant steps to avoid a repeat of this tragic event.

We must however never forget, regardless of the findings of the investigation, that abortion is the killing of an innocent child.  This is always wrong!  All life has equal value, including an unborn child and its mother.  All efforts must always be made by medical personnel to ensure that neither the mother nor the unborn child is giving greater or lesser value when deciding on treatment and procedures. 

Abortion is simply never ever an option.  No person, doctor or other, can kill an unborn child, even if it is to save the mother.  Doing so equates to placing greater value on the life of the mother and doing this is naturally an obvious error.  Efforts must always be aimed at saving both persons, born or unborn, never sacrificing one for the other!

It is true that, if while providing appropriate necessary treatment to the mother, this treatment has the sad but unintended consequence of the unborn child passing away, this is not considered to be abortion because that was not the objective of the treatment.  However this cannot be manipulated, as people, due to concupiscence, have a tendency to do.  If a treatment is administered, even with an indirect objective of killing the unborn child, it is abortion!  It cannot be tolerated and must be condemned!

Abortion does not equal medical treatment.  A woman simply cannot ever be treated though the ‘administering’ of an abortion.  Abortion is not a cure!  Abortion is murder!  Let’s never ever forget this!

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