Friday, 9 November 2012

Rhino Cries As Poachers Kill It

The South African National Prosecuting Authority has withdrawn charges against Marnus Steyl related to the illegal hunting/trading of rhino.  According to the National Prosecuting Authority their evidence against Steyl was circumstantial. Now this video below has been released.

Marnus Steyl
The video below has been published on various news websites, as well as being shown by South African news broadcaster eNCA today.  The video clearly shows how Marnus Steyl repeatedly shoots a rhino.  As he shoots at the rhino, the poor rhino can be heard quite clearly crying in pain, while trying to run away from the hunters. 

The video also shows Harry Claassens, a big game hunter from Harry Claassens Safaris, shooting at the rhino when Marnus Steyl reveals that, not only is he a despicable criminal, but that he is also a terrible shot and is unable to kill the rhino with the first shot, thereby increasing the suffering of the rhino. 

Harry Claassens is himself obviously equally guilty because Claassens is apparently well aware that Marnus Steyl does not have a hunting permit to hunt for a rhino and yet he proceeds to participate as a licensed big game hunter.  Harry Claassens’ email address is if you would like to let him know how you feel about his involvement with these people.  This is the website for Harry Claassens’ safari business: 

How are we ever going bring an end to rhino poaching when wealthy businessmen, like Harry Claassens and Marnus Steyl, continue to break our countries anti-poaching laws and do so with apparent impunity?

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