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'Catholic' Newspaper Displays Advert Of Pro-Abortion Group

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I have previously written about the newspaper, National Catholic Reporter, in a post titled Refute Falsehood. In the post, I highlighted that as far back as 1968 the newspaper was publicly reprimanded and asked, by Bishop Charles Herman Helmsing, to stop using ‘Catholic’ in its title. Bishop Helmsing warned Catholics about the newspapers “‘poisonous character’ and ‘disregard and denial of the most sacred values of our Catholic faith.’[i]

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about whether this newspaper is Catholic or not, the newspaper has now helped to clear this confusion up for you once and for all. The latest print issue of the newspaper contains a full-page advert by Catholics For Choice (CFC). 

Catholics For Choice (CFC) is a staunchly anti-Catholic, pro-abortion group, which also promotes contraception and holds views on sexuality and other topics that contradict Church teaching.

CFC’s status as an anti-Catholic group can be confirmed in various ways. Consider that it attempted, unsuccessfully, in 1999, to downgrade the status of the Vatican in the United Nations.

The position of CFC on abortion has been plain for all to see since its advert, in the New York Times in 1984, advocating abortion as a valid moral choice for Catholics. A quick look at the CFC Webpage will undoubtedly confirm for you its unacceptable position on topics like abortion. It should leave you without any doubt that, despite its title, CFC is not a Catholic organisation.

While the CFC’s position is obvious from a mere cursory examination, the National Catholic Reporter’s position is more murky, presenting itself as an ‘independent’ Catholic newspaper. However, thankfully, this recent decision of the National Catholic Reporter, to accept payment for and display an advertisement, from a pro-abortion group like CFC, clarifies, beyond any reasonable doubt, what the true colours of the National Catholic Reporter are. 

The National Catholic Reporter is NOT a Catholic newspaper and its content, with a few exceptions, is anti-Catholic and harmful to Catholics. Catholics would do well to remove the National Catholic Reporter from their shopping list and even to add the newspaper to their list of blocked internet sites. (Many Catholic Bloggers refer to the National Catholic Reporter as "Fishwrap" since that is all it appears to be good for. Wrapping raw fish.)

The Southern Cross, our own local Catholic newspaper, used to display a link to this newspaper under its list of “Useful Links”. I am however very pleased to report that The Southern Cross has dropped the link. Good for you editor! Hip, hip, hooray!

You will however find that WAACSA, that awful dissident group about whom I wrote on Sunday, in "We Are Church In Disguise", continues to display this newspaper under its list of “Useful Links”. This in itself is quite telling.

You can read more about this advert in the National Catholic Reporter on the site of The Catholic League.

[i] Wikipedia; National Catholic Reporter; extracted April 3, 2012

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