Monday, 16 April 2012

Happy 85th Birthday Pope Benedict XVI

Today Pope Benedict XVI celebrates his 85th birthday. The Pope, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, was born and baptised on the 16th of April 1927 in Marktl, Germany.

Marktl am Inn, the house where Ratzinger was born.
The building still stands today.

Pope Benedict XVI was the youngest of three siblings. His sister, Maria Ratzinger (7 December 1921 - 1991), never married and managed Cardinal Ratzinger’s household until her death. His brother, Georg Ratzinger (15 January 1924), like his sister, was born in Pleiskirchen, in Germany. Pope Benedict XVI and his brother were ordained as priests together on the 28th of June 1951.

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger
The Pope's Brother
Pope Benedict XVI was elected as the 265th pope on the 19th of April 2005. Along with celebrating his 85th birthday, Pope Benedict XVI also celebrates his seventh year as Pope in just a few days.

Pope Benedict XVI on his 84th Birthday
I am sure you will all join me in praying for His Holiness today and wishing him a very Happy Birthday. You may also like to wish the Pope happy birthday on the Pope's twitter account: @Pope2YouVatican


Almighty and Everlasting God, have mercy on Your servant Pope Benedict XVI, our Supreme Pontiff, and direct him, according to Your loving kindness, in the way of eternal salvation, that with Your help he may ever desire that which is pleasing to You and accomplish it with all his strength. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord Jesus, shelter our Holy Father the Pope under the protection of Your Sacred Heart. Be his light, his strength and his consolation. Amen.

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