Monday, 7 November 2011

England Kills ± 2000 babies for Every 1 Adopted

It has been revealed in the House of Lords, by Lord Howe, that in England, during 2010, there were 180,942 babies aborted. During the same period, only 95 babies, under the age of one, were adopted. Therefore, for every one baby adopted, England killed 1,904 babies.

It is reported that Lord Alton responded to these figures saying:

These figures point to a shocking contrast – between the numbers of babies aborted and those adopted.

Three quarters of fertility treatments ultimately fail and thousands of parents would be willing to adopt babies if they were available.

The failure to promote adoption rather than abortion is a human tragedy for everyone involved. The 'a' word, abortion, should be countered with the 'a' word, adoption.[1]

I wonder why such common sense is so uncommon in our world?

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