Thursday, 8 December 2011

CatholicQ Mass – Jesuit Folly

Is it possible to be so clever that you actually become stupid? I typed this question into Google and was surprised at the number of results I got. Obviously, I am not the first person to wonder how it is possible for obviously extremely clever people to behave so stupidly.

You get people who are so smart, and who are so highly rewarded by school and university and society for being smart, that they see the world as their tool and they only see consequences for themselves. Then they start to think they know everything; academics are particularly prone to this.[1]

These are the words of Professor Robert Sternberg. A quick read on the background of Professor Sternberg will affirm, without any doubt, that he is indeed extremely qualified to make such a statement about smart people.

Professor Sternberg also said that, “To prevent clever people falling into the fallacies of their own egocentrism, omniscience, omnipotence and invulnerability - all of which are stages of stupidity - they must be taught "wisdom".[2]

Anyway, this question, about clever people being stupid, was prompted today when I read the full investigative report, by the Cardinal Newman Society, on the “More than a Monologue” conference that was sponsored by two Jesuit Universities. I have always understood that the Jesuits are the intellectuals of the Church. Yet, not for the first time, I am confronted with information involving the Jesuits, which leads me to think, how asinine can one be?

You can read the full report titled, “Dissent and Sacrilege at ‘More Than A Monologue’ Conferences” by the Cardinal Newman Society. It is pretty damning stuff.

Some of the items mentioned in the report:

  • The conference was funded by the Arcus Foundation. An organisation that is clearly focussed on subverting Catholic teaching on sexuality.
  • Priests are not required for the consecration during the Mass.
  • The Church would be better off if all the priests were having sex with one another.
  • The Church should be performing same sex marriage ceremonies.
  • In the absence of priests the laity should be ordaining their own.
  • The failure to ordain women priests is destructive to the Holy Spirit.

It was, however, the section at the end, about the “CatholicQ Mass”, that showed me, without any doubt whatsoever, that what happened at this conference was from the Devil. These Jesuit Universities have most certainly fallen prey to the Devil!

The Q, in CatholicQ Mass, apparently stands for “Queer”. At this “Mass” the elements were, wait for it, consecrated by the laity. How can they even presume to call it Mass?

When asked about this, Paul Lakeland, who is none other than the Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University, had this to say:

There was no celebrant of course, or we were all celebrants depending on the way you look at it. We all recited the prayers together and we all received the bread and the wine

I don’t think we were presuming to consecrate the elements. I think we were—after all, the priest doesn’t really consecrate the elements. The Holy Spirit is the actor in the liturgy, and the Holy Spirit in the Catholic tradition is understood to be called down upon the bread and wine through the prayers of the celebrant. And if you don’t have one, well that does not necessarily mean that the Holy Spirit is absent. How the Holy Spirit is present is really the Holy Spirit’s business. That’s certainly the way I would look at it myself…

Fairfield University boasts proudly that it is a Jesuit University.

Yet, at this Catholic University, the actual Director of Catholic Studies is promoting ideas that clearly promote dissent from the official teaching of the Catholic Church. What is going on?

I would be furious if I had spent good money sending my son to a Catholic University, like Fairfields, and discovered that the Jesuits and their colleagues were teaching him such complete and utter rubbish! Why don’t they fire Lakeland and send him to work for the … actually who would want him? Once a dissenter, always a dissenter! They’re the worst kind in any organisation. No different to mutiny and that was once punishable by death.

I would like to end by adapting what Professor Sternberg said:

To prevent Jesuits falling into the fallacies of their own egocentrism, omniscience, omnipotence and invulnerability - all of which are stages of stupidity - Jesuits must be taught "wisdom" and humility.[4]

Oh, and if there are Jesuits who feel I am unfairly generalising, don’t bother telling me. You’re the intellectual bunch. Go sort your mates out before you lot destroy the Church!

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  1. A monologue of this kind is no different than Satan's monologue with Eve!

    The ideology of the Fall presents itself again!

    Through Baptism and the Holy Spirit, dissent against the Sacred Teachings and Doctrines of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church can never succeed and not plague any individual providing that person is steadfast with Christ through fidelity, steadfastness and faithfulness.,

    If, however, you are a weed, planted in the wilderness, you will eventually find yourself being plucked out of the field and being burnt in your sinfulness, to be thrown into everlasting fire.

    To dissent from Christ is to dissent against the Passion; to mock the Eucharist, as in the "monologues" in the context of favouring Sin and Homosexuality is to dissent against one's very own Being and Salvation; with such a tragic wish, self-destruct will surely come in the wake of one's own lust and desire.

    As an antidote against this type temptation, of evil, there is only one cure: Repent! Confess your sins and be cleansed from your evil ways and thoughts!

    Recognise the Tempter! Avoid his Deceit! Follow straight paths! Follow the Way of Jesus embodied through Sacred Tradition and Teaching of Our Fathers, the Apostles!