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Homosexual Priests Most Likely Cause Of Sexual Abuse

There has never been any doubt in my mind that that the biggest cause of sexual abuse of minors, by Catholic priests, was their homosexual tendencies. I don’t believe that one needs to be a rocket scientist to work this out. I also doubt that many would argue this point, except perhaps those who are pro-homosexual or those who suffer from a misguided belief that homosexual sexual activity is morally acceptable.

Yet, most people, even though they may agree that homosexuality is the leading cause of sexual abuse, simply will not state this belief publicly. I think that this may be because it has become “politically incorrect” to make any negative comment about their immoral behaviour. Who can blame people? Consider the venomous attacks that the LGBT groups launch on anyone who happens to cross swords with them. Rick Santorum is just one example of someone who has suffered the wrath of homosexuals like Dan Savage. So vicious was the attack by Dan Savage that, for some time, a Google search for Rick Santorum returned a reference to some extremely disgusting terminology.

I was pleased when I came across and read an analysis, by Bill Donahue of the Catholic League, which confirmed that homosexual tendencies played a significant role in the cause of sexual abuse. The analysis was conducted on an independent report, by the Jon Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The analysis, of the Jon Jay study titled “The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States of America”, is extremely interesting and highlights how even the Jon Jay College is clearly afraid of the pro-LGBT groups. It avoids naming the cause of the sexual abuse directly, despite the evidence leading them directly to homosexuality.

In his analysis, Bill Donahue highlights that celibacy was very quickly dismissed as a cause of the sexual abuse by the Jon Jay report. The Jon Jay report stated that, “Celibacy has been constant in the Catholic Church since the eleventh century and could not account for the rise and decline in sexual abuse cases.[1]

Equally significant is the fact that such a small percentage of the abusers were identified as paedophiles by the Jon Jay report. According to the Jon Jay report, less than 5% of the abusive priests actually fit the diagnosis of paedophilia and the report therefore states that, “It is inaccurate to refer to abusers as ‘pedophile priests’.[2] [Sic]

Bill Donahue then gets right down to it and, unlike the Jon Jay report that skirts around the issue, notes in his analysis that, since 81% of the abused victims were male and almost as many were post pubescent, it follows that the majority of sexual abuse was of a homosexual nature. This is consistent with the Jon Jay report, which also states that: “The majority of priests … also reported sexual behaviour with adult partners.[3]

Bill Donahue supports his conclusion that homosexuality was the leading cause of the sexual abuse by pointing out that most of the adult partners, with whom the abusers had sexual relations according to the Jon Jay report, were of the same sex. This therefore is evidence of their homosexual tendencies.

Mary Eberstadt, a researcher, of the Stanford University Hoover Institution, is also quoted, by Donahue, as saying that “the only way to argue that gay priests are not largely responsible for the Church’s man-boy sex crisis is to choke the life out of ordinary language itself.

So, it seems that, no matter how much some may want to ignore it, homosexuality is immoral and can lead, not only to even greater immoral acts, but possibly even to criminal behaviour, such as the sexual abuse of minors. It therefore seems completely appropriate for the Church to screen carefully for any homosexuals who may want to enter the seminary, thereby ensuring that they are never ordained as deacons or priests.

At the same time, the Church need not be concerned about the long-standing practice of celibacy. Celibacy has been clearly dismissed independently as having no negative impact whatsoever on the sexual behaviour of deacons and priests.

As an aside, I also noted with interest a statement in the analysis, by Carol Shakeshaft, that: “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.” I wonder why the media constantly avoids highlighting this and chooses to focus only on the Catholic Church?

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  1. Good article. I suffer from homosexual inclinations myself and have had my experiences in the "gay community". I've met men who deliberately sought youthful looking men, this perhaps indicating a deeper desire.

    The battle of recognizing homosexual acts and relationships as sinful is a serious one. It’s becoming more and more acceptable in this world, not to mention the “liberal” voices in the Catholic Church who are also calling for a change in the Church’s position are becoming all the more vocal.