Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bishop Kumalo On Condoms

Mark Riedemann recently interviewed Bishop Kumalo for "Where God Weeps", a weekly television and radio show produced by the Catholic Radio and Television Network.  Bishop Kumalo is Bishop of the Diocese of Eshowe.  When he was asked about the matter of HIV/Aids and the endeavours of the international community to promote condoms as the solution, Bishop Kumalo had this to say:

I think the international community is always arrogant toward us Africans.  They come with readymade solutions.  They don't ask.  They know what is right for us as Africans and the condoms are part of that arrogance.  I think because people, in their minds, they think that condoms prevent the sickness.  It helps spread it because every young person, even those who are not aware of sexual activity, is taught in the school about this condom in sexual education.  They try it and that is why you still have a high rate of people being infected with this AIDS epidemic.[1]

If you wish to read the entire interview, you will find it here.

If you are not already doing so, remember that Bishop Kumalo is on Twitter.  The link is or @DioceseofEshowe.

[1] EWTN News, South Africa: Building the Church and the Nation, July 16, 2012

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  1. Bishop Kumalo offers a quick refreshing idea and that is that we in Africa do not need "European" "solutions" which are conspired to spread HIV/AIDS.

    Condoms and ex-marital sex, including homosexuality, spread the contamination and is the cause of this life-terminating desease.

    We also need to look closer at the "tripe" that is being spread within the medea systems, possible to reduce our population.