Sunday, 2 December 2012

Third Edition of the Roman Missal: One Year Later

I read with interest and great pleasure the results of a survey that was conducted by the ‘Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate’ (CARA) in September 2012 regarding the new English Translation of the Missal.

The survey revealed that 70% of US Catholics agreed that overall the introduction of the new English translation of the Missal had been a good thing.  Of the Catholics who attend Mass at least once a week, 80% were of the opinion that the new translation had been a good thing.  Amongst those Catholics who do not frequently attend Mass, 60% were of the same opinion.

This is really good news, especially following the significant 'noise' that preceded the launch of the new English translation of the Missal.  I am so pleased that we seem to have progressed from this because at the time it really upset me how so many Catholics were up in arms about the changes.

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