Monday, 30 September 2013

Teacher Attacked With Broom

Boy Throws A Broom At Genvista High Schoolteacher
News of the child who attacked his schoolteacher with a broom is not new. It occurred about ten days ago. What is new, well for me anyway, is the video of the incident. It was recorded by one of the child's classmates at Glenvista High School in South Africa. It has literally turned my stomach and enraged me.

When a child launches a physical attack on his schoolteacher, while some of his classmates egg him on, we have to sit up and acknowledge that there is something seriously wrong. What is happening to society that there are so many instances of violence by school children occurring in schools all around the world?

I have been unable to find out much more about what has happened since this event took place. The last news was that the child was suspended, the schoolteacher is receiving whatever support he requires and an investigation into the incident is underway. 

My instant reaction, both when I heard the news and now when I watched this video, is that I believe that this young man, as well as those who can be heard in the background of the video egging him on, should be named and shamed. Simply suspending them is not good enough.

We have to send a clear message that society will not tolerate this behaviour. It is unacceptable and if you resort to this you will be treated like an outcast until you demonstrate that you have reformed and can be trusted to function within the norms of society again.

I also believe that the parents of this child, as well as the other offending school children, should equally be named and shamed. 

I have a good friend, Michael Atti, who always says: “You don’t get bad children, just bad parents.

I agree with Michael. Yes, there are always exceptions, but I think that often the root of the problem with children can be tracked back to us as parents. They learn from us. They know what is acceptable behaviour because we show them as parents what acceptable behaviour is. It doesn't matter what we tell our children. What matters is what we show them through our own example.

We need to be constantly asking ourselves what we as parents have done, or have failed to do, that it has caused our children to think that it is okay to resort to this type of behaviour.

Watch the video for yourself, but be warned, it is guaranteed to enrage you.