Saturday, 7 September 2013

Technology Makes Writing My Blog Fun

Mont Blanc Fountain and Ball Point Pen and Pencil
plus my new Adonit Jot Stylus

This is a special post on my Blog. It is the first time that I have been able to do only what I enjoy doing in order to generate a post for my Blog.

I have always enjoyed the action of writing. It is the actual physical action of writing, preferably with a fountain pen of course, that I find so exceptionally therapeutic and not necessarily the content of my writing. Typing does not have the same therapeutic value or effect as writing by hand does, even though the end result is the same.

When I eventually reached the point, a few years ago, where my health got the better of me and I had to concede that I was severely restricted in what I could do, someone suggested that I use this love of writing to start a Blog and thereby keep myself busy. This what I did, hence this Blog.

Until now I have always written my thoughts down by hand because, as I said, it is the action of writing by hand that I enjoy. I would then later, very reluctantly, have to make the effort to type out my writing so that I can post it to my Blog.

A few days ago, for my birthday, I was given a stylus and a writing application for my Apple iPad. It enables me to write, as I would with a pen and sheet of paper, while the application automatically converts my writing into typed text, ready to be posted on my Blog or anywhere else I need to use it.

This really is such a brilliant application and tool. (I realize it may be old news for all of you out there but it was new to me, though I had heard of it some time ago.) I now get the same satisfaction and therapeutic value as I would when I write in the conventional manner and yet I end up with a product that suits the requirements that I need to post my writing to my Blog.

Does this mean I will now post to my Blog more frequently? No, I doubt that, though maybe this will happen because this application and stylus does mean that I don't have to go through the painful process of typing out my handwriting when I do want to post it to my Blog.

Anyway, there you have it. My first Blog written entirely by hand. Have a wonderfully blessed Saturday and please remember the Holy Fathers request that today we all pray and fast for peace in Syria.