Thursday, 3 October 2013

Warning Against Euthanasia, Not Scaremongering

Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders has explained in a Blog on the subject of euthanasia / assisted dying, that warning “of the consequences of changing the law is not scaremongering”, even though those who favour changing the law are prone to insisting that it is simply that.

He explains that doctors are not only “human and prone to financial and emotional pressure, but there are also some who sadly will abuse any power given to them.” History has shown us what incredible evil human beings are capable of. We should never forget this.

Saunders presents the Liverpool Care Pathway debacle as a clear example of how “health professionals abused what was essentially a good therapeutic tool through laziness, neglect or deliberate malpractice”. He goes further to claim that giving doctors the power to assist people to die “would make them the most dangerous people”.

Saunders emphasises that we cannot possibly hope to legalise euthanasia / assisted dying “without at the same time removing legal protection from vulnerable people and putting them under pressure to end their lives so as not to be a financial or emotional burden to others”.

The erosion of safeguards for the vulnerable is something that organisations like Dignity South Africa simply refuse to consider. Instead they casually dismiss this argument as unworthy of serious consideration. This in itself demonstrates just how dangerous these organisations really are.

Peter Saunders' Blog can be found here.

Of course Dignity South Africa will simply immediately dismiss this Blog by Saunders because it is in a Catholic publication, as they have done before, rather than because of any intelligent response to the contents of Saunders' Blog.