Friday, 9 September 2011

Wake up and smell the coffee. . .

Burn't Church
There is no doubt that Catholics must realise, sooner rather than later, that the Church is under constant attack. This is not some imagined assault. It is cleverly disguised under various causes, which at face value seem reasonable. They know that a blatant outright attack on the Church will encounter resistance. So, instead, a far more discreet and devious approach is employed to slowly and surely chip away at the Church.

Let’s take the issue of homosexual marriages. It was presented and eventually accepted on the basis that even gays should have the right to recognise their relationship on similar terms to that of heterosexual marriages. Now it been legalised. Gays and lesbian can marry and there marriage is recognised by the state. You would think that they would be satisfied. Not so fast.

You see the issue never was about the human rights of gays. The issue is about destroying the Church. They have been granted their right they asked for. But now they want to take it to another level. They want the law to force the Church to register homosexual marriages regardless of the beliefs of Catholics. They want the law to force Catholics to set aside their right to hold certain beliefs and practice their religion, in favour of the rights of homosexuals.

A MP in the UK, Mike Weatherley, has now written a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron insisting that the law should be changed. Mr Weatherley claims that the Church is discriminating against homosexuals and that this will only be corrected if legislation is changed to force them to permit homosexual marriages in churches.

There is absolutely no mention or consideration of the rights of Catholics. That’s because there is no tolerance for the views and beliefs of Catholics at all.

Catholics have got to begin to take a stand. Steadily the world is chipping away at our faith and, before long, we may well find that we cannot even attend Mass. If we don’t believe this then it really is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Its happening already. . .

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