Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why Religious Freedom Is Under Attack?

I have returned to this week’s editorial in The Southern Cross, titled “Real Religious Freedom”, a few times since I read it the first time. I have been trying to put my finger on what it is about it that makes me feel uncomfortable.

The reason I think that it makes me uncomfortable is because it is so tepid. I of course expected the few lines, in which the editor makes mentions of the HHS mandate, to be particularly anodyne. However, I sadly found that it was in fact because the entire editorial was so insipidly lukewarm and non-committal, especially considering the subject matter, that I felt uncomfortable with it. 

In addition to his rather bland approach to such an important subject, the editor also strangely approaches it by apportioning the blame for society ignoring or not taking Christian persecution seriously, on the Church itself! Why? Well because, according to the editor, the Church has taken such a significant and prominent leadership role in society over the centuries, that it has now “clouded perceptions”.

So are we then to understand that, had the Church instead taken a less prominent role in the past, Christian persecution would today be taken more seriously and not be disregarded? Are we to believe that if the abuse scandal had not happened, that society would today be treating Christian persecution as a more significant event and taking firmer action to curb it? 

I think that anyone who believes this is naive!

The reality is this! Society is ignoring or disregarding Christian persecution because it suits them to do so. The Church makes life uncomfortable for people because of the absolute moral truths that the Church continually presents. The stark reality of what it really means to love God above everything else makes people feel uncomfortable, because it is difficult to follow.

Society today wants instant solutions that are easy to follow. Rather than, for example, accepting the truth of the teaching contained in Humanae Vitae, society looks for and chooses the simple instant solution instead. What is that in this example? A condom or some other contraceptive means of course. Plus of course the back-up plan of abortion!

I mean really, why fight ones passions and practice self-control, when you can instead use a condom and therefore succumb to your passions and urges, enabling you to enjoy, without any concern for the consequences, the encounter with your wife, or for that matter, your encounter with whoever else your passion happens to lead you to?

No, sadly, neither the historic leadership position of the Church, nor the horrendous failings of some of its members, has anything to do with societies disregard of Christian persecution. The Church’s uncomfortable proclamation of the Gospel is what makes people disregard Christian persecution.

It suits society for Christians to be silenced! That, editor, is why Christian persecution is ignored or disregarded! That, editor, is why religious freedom is under attack!

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  1. I think, sometimes, mostly, the deep-seated gospel meaning of our Faith is being lost and clouded with side issues, albeit these issues may sound important.

    The old image of Noah's Ark is being sadly missed. For most, because of social engineering and because of technological distraction, the Church is not really relevant to their daily lives and therefore, this is evidenced by people’s indifference and material pre-occupation.

    But, for the Enemy, of course, the Church remains ever visible and very much relevant. Unfortunately, the Devil, the Deceiver, has cornered many Christians and divided them by cleverly making everybody equally important and by dismissing the punishment of Hell by hiding the Judgement of the living and the dead, by clouding everything with irresponsibility, by encouraging people falsely to rely on the Mercy of God while they continue to be steeped in Sin, practising Sodomy, Fornication, Adultery, Contraception, Abortion...

    This watering down of Good with Evil produces the fruit of thorns and the loss of personal freedom.

    In this regard, we also allow confusion to reign. We lump Christians and Catholics together as if they are one people, confusing the wheat with the chaff.

    In fact, other than for Catholics, do we all really know what it means to be a Christian. In the context of Protestantism (Do they exist any longer?) and within the context of ecumenical chitter-chatter and compromise, have we not dissipated the essence of the Eucharistic Gospel and not already compromised our Freedom of Religion? With the word "Christian" have we not lost identity by using this word to embrace any heretic and infidel as if they are of the same faith; changing meanings as an intended decoy in watering down the Church’s message and systematically diluting the Liturgical symbols to the extent that the Eucharist Reverence has reached an all-time low to the point where Catholics (including the Pope) have to struggle internally in order to restore the Mass and Divine Worship so that Truth and Freedom can be proclaimed.

    Since Vatican II, the Rock of Peter has been moved with shifting sands and newer and newer ideologies, dissidence and transgression where now these dry sands have turned bringing with them the loss of religious freedom.

    In South Africa, Catholics have been playing with Alpha, Renew, Marriage Encounter, Liberation Theology, Contraception, Contextual Theology, Inculturation, etc. To boot, Catholics have been conditioned and brainwashed by the Southern Cross ( with the support of bishops) to be openly dissident; being encouraged to practice diversity; encouraged no longer to follow our Creed by being One in Christ.... and now we are wondering why our Religious freedom is being lost.

    It is being lost because Jesus Christ has been replaced with every other kind of worldly distraction and smoke which has entered the sanctuary of our lives.

    What makes matters worse, in the meantime, is that our Episcopal leadership has been inwardly engrossed with scandals and political power-play, seemingly forgetful that their mandate is to go out, to preach and to baptise, everybody, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Of course, there will never be religious freedom if there is no one who will boldly proclaims the gospel of the Catholic Church, in season and out of season.