Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lesbian Buddhist Demands Holy Communion

Ms. Barbara Johnson
I wrote recently about a lesbian woman, Ms Barbara Johnson, who was denied Holy Communion during the funeral Mass for her mother. The priest who did so was Fr Marcel Guarnizo. (You can find it here… Lesbian Denied Holy Communion)

In my post I explained that, when I think about Holy Communion, I think of people approaching our Lord Jesus in order to receive healing and to be in communion with him. I also explained that sadly not everyone who approaches our Lord does so with these pure motives. Some people who approach our Lord do so like the Pharisees did when they asked Jesus about divorce. They did so in order to try to trick Jesus. (Matthew 19: 1 – 9) Others approach our Lord like the soldiers did in the garden of Gethsemane, intent on arresting him and having him killed. (Matthew 26: 47 – 56) I wondered in which of these three categories Ms Johnson could be classified.

I also raised an important question, which everyone seems to have overlooked regarding this matter. I asked whether a woman, who has been in a 19 year lesbian relationship, can honestly continue to call herself a Catholic when she has for so long obstinately rejected the teaching of the Church on homosexual relationships. Can she genuinely claim to be Catholic when she rejects the teaching of the Church? 

Fr Marcel Guarnizo
There were of course a number of Catholics who rallied to support this poor slighted lesbian woman who had been denied Holy Communion. The priest who denied her Holy Communion has since been openly criticised and accused of a range of indiscretions, both by the secular and Catholic media.

However, now that the dust has begun to settle, it seems that I hit the nail on the head in my earlier post. Ms Johnson was in fact being very devious and is in fact not a Catholic. Thomas Peters did some research and it turns out that Ms Johnson is a self confessed Buddhist. She makes this statement in one of her written works titled: “The Question of Coming Out in the Heteronormative and Homophobic World of Education”. Her exact words are: “…we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.

So what is this woman doing presenting herself for Holy Communion? What were her motives? Why did she lie to the media and claim to be Catholic when she, by her own admission, is not? I have no doubt that her motives were not pure! I fear she may have been like those soldiers in the garden of Gethsemane. Further research clearly confirms both her pro-abortion and pro-gay activities and views. It is almost certain that what Ms. Johnson was in fact doing, was using the funeral Mass, of her dead mother, to promote her evil political agenda against the Church.

Who is the one who should in fact now be ashamed, Ms Johnson? I think it may be you, because you were prepared to sink so low as to even use your mother’s funeral in this despicable manner. I also believe that you, Ms Johnson, have shown yourself to be a liar. You owe the priest, Fr Marcel Guarnizo, an apology for your lies and deceit!

As for those Catholics who rallied to Ms Johnson’s support, quickly turning on the Church and the priest, go and read what the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin had to say about non-believing Catholics. You should be ashamed. If you do not agree with the Catholic Church, at least have the courage of your convictions and leave. Stop cowering away in the corner. Be bold like Fr Marcel Guarnizo!

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