Thursday, 18 October 2012

Profit Or Concern For Women?

If there is one thing I have learned about corporates it is that corporates never make any decisions or spend any money unless it is going to have a positive effect on their bottom line.  Corporates are driven entirely by the profits that they will end up declaring in their financial statements. 

Corporates do not care about who is dying of cancer, or who is permanently disabled due to a lung disease.  Many will argue that corporates do care and that this is evidenced by the way in which so many corporates get involved in various charitable causes. 

You can call me cynical if you like but I believe that charitable causes are supported only because it is part of a bigger corporate strategy that ultimately comes down to one thing and one thing alone.  Will it help us to grow our market share and increase our profits?  This is the question that rests behind almost every single corporate decision, including when it comes to whether or not to donate money to any cause, charitable or other.

I read today that Planned Parenthood in the USA has now spent another $828,000 on advertising that will attack Romney’s views on abortion, while supporting the Obama 2012 election campaign, which is pro-abortion.  In total Planned Parenthood in the USA has now spent approximately $5,7 million on support for the Obama campaign.

So, given my hypothesis about why corporates make decisions, is this decision to spend more on advertising because Planned Parenthood cares for Obama?  Is this $5.7 million a demonstration of just how much Planned Parenthood cares about a women’s right to make decisions about  her own body?  No way!

Planned Parenthood cares about one thing and one thing alone.  Planned Parenthood cares only about the $487 million it generated in 2010 and the $363 million in 2009 and so on.  Planned Parenthood wants to grow this income and this, only this, is what drives Planned Parenthood.

In 2010 Planned Parenthood declared net assets of $1 billion and they most certainly want to grow that, even if it means killing more than the 329,455 unborn babies they killed in 2010.  Planned Parenthood is no different to the production line of a motor vehicle manufacturer.  Think about how efficient Planned Parenthood is.  Every single minute, of every single day, Planned Parenthood kills another unborn child. 

The saddest part of all this:  So many women and men, Catholics included, actually believe this tripe about how much Planned Parenthood and other similar organisations care for women.  Planned Parenthood cares about the women’s spend on abortion and nothing else!

During the Year of Faith it is time to actively engage Catholics on the Church’s teaching on faith and morals.  We must do all in our ability to show Catholic women who have rejected the Church’s teaching on contraception and abortion, or who are confused by the mixed messages that they have received from dissenting Catholic voices, that Planned Parenthood does not have the answer.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about them.  Planned Parenthood is not going to make their life better.  Jesus will!

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