Sunday, 21 October 2012

Respect Award - An Insincere Award

The Tablet has again highlighted why it should be listed as one of the newspapers that Catholics should avoid.  A Blog by Abigail Frymann, entitled “Cardinal Woelki's Refusal Of A Pro-Gay Award Sends Out Sad Message”, demonstrates why.

The Blog begins by highlighting the good work Cardinal Woelki has done in Berlin to enable “diplomatic bridge-building” between the LGBT community and the Church.  It ends by implying that the Church hierarchy had stepped in and forced Cardinal Woelki to turn down a “Respect Award” from the “Alliance Against Homophobia”, thereby moving Cardinal Woelki back into the camp of the homophobes of this world.

The Tablet, a Catholic newspaper, seems completely unwilling to accept the Cardinal’s explanation for not accepting the award.  Why would they?  It is always better when a Catholic newspaper can find an opportunity to ‘bash’ a Catholic bishop.

Cardinal Woelki had apparently explained, when declining the award, that as a Catholic Christian respect for all human beings was a matter of course and that he did not want to be rewarded for something that was a matter of course. 

Needless to say I believe that Cardinal Woelki made a wise decision in not accepting the award.  Almost certainly that “Respect Award” was a carefully considered and strategic award.  Acceptance thereof would have revealed the complete lack of respect that the LGBT groups have for the Church’s position on the subject of homosexuality. 

Cardinal Woelki’s acceptance thereof would undoubtedly have been used to mercilessly whip the Church for its teaching on homosexuality, with claims that the Church’s teaching can be changed and that it is only bigots and homophobes in the Church who refuse to do so.  Cardinal Woelki has clearly been around the block and knows insincerity when it presents itself.


  1. Well done Lord Cardinal! His Eminence truly dealt with whole matter well.

    As to what the Tablet says who could care less? Just another anti-Cathilic newspaper that needs to be avoided.