Sunday, 7 October 2012

Any Ordinary Catholics Out There?

Bishops in St Peter's for Vatican II

I am sure that I cannot be the only one who occasionally despairs at the seemingly endless attempts, by so many liberal and progressive Catholics, to change the teaching and Traditions of the Church to something that they feel more comfortable with.  This is often, it seems, done under the guise of the so-called “spirit of Vatican II”. 

It often feels as though there are just so few ‘ordinary’ Catholics left in the Church.  I say ‘ordinary’ because I do not see myself as a ‘conservative’ or any other brand of Catholic.  I am just a Catholic; one who adheres to the teaching of the Magisterium, knowing that, even when I find some of her teaching difficult, she ultimately knows better than me, and any number of intellectuals put together, what is the truth.

Fortunately, occasionally something happens that drives away the sense of despair.  It perks me up and gives me the realisation that there are more ‘ordinary’ Catholics out there than I realise.  Today this came to me via the Catholic Herald.  Under the category “Comments and Blogs” I saw this title: “Should We Be Celebrating The Second Vatican Council?

In itself this piece contains nothing more than a call to debate the question: “Should We Be Celebrating The Second Vatican Council?”  It is the variety of comments from readers that followed below this, that gave me hope. 

Yes, there were those who have views that differ from mine.  There were those whose comments angered me.  However what was inspiring was the number of people who, based on their comments, appear, like me, to be ‘ordinary’ Catholics.  Catholics who believe that Vatican II has subsequently been hi-jacked by some and, by using the phrase “spirit of Vatican II”, has been manipulated to support ideas and changes that the Council Fathers never ever actually said or intended.

Praise God for making me aware that there are so many other ‘ordinary’ Catholics out there.  More than I often realise.  So many ‘ordinary’ Catholics who trust Holy Mother Church and who know that ultimately she knows what is best for us.  A Church that is best able to show us how to love and serve our God. 

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  1. It's dificult to be ordinary these days.

    These seasons call for different norms, more intense norms, more assertive norms; more submission to the Holy Spirit and more fidelity to the One True Holy Catholic Apostolic Roman Church.

    She breathes life into our souls and spirits, forgiving our sins and filling us with Divine Grace.

    If one listens to the renewists, the liberals,the socialists, the relativists, the pluralists, the faithless aetheists and agnostics, we will all be led to Hell, and then... ordinary would not be so ordinary any more.