Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pope Calls A "Staff" Meeting

It must be an absolute nightmare trying to manage communication from the Vatican. We have all on occasion, I am sure, had cause to wonder what the Vatican was thinking with some of its communication. Just today I read that the Pope had been drawn into some controversy, regarding the Romeo Castellucci show, because of a letter that was presented as an official response from the Holy See.

So it was good to also read that: “On Saturday 28 January, all heads of the dicastery who lead the Congregations and Pontifical Councils of the Roman Curia, will gather in the Vatican for a meeting convened by Pope Benedict XVI.[1] Apparently the purpose of the meeting is to discuss communication and the phrasing and checking of documents.

It is good to see that the Pope gets involved and addresses matters with the "staff" of the Vatican when it is required. I wonder if the Pope, who appears such a gentle soul, ever gets mad at people and considers firing some of them?

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