Sunday, 7 April 2013

Who Are The Real Bigots?

Modern Bigoted Actions Pefectly Illustrated

The definition of a bigot is a person who “has or reveals (1) an obstinate belief in the superiority of their own opinions and (2) a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others”.  There is no doubt that today it has become common practice for the LGBT rights activists to habitually brand their opponents in the LGBT debate as bigots.

In my humble opinion, both sides in the LGBT rights debate display the first criteria of the definition of a bigot, because they both clearly show “an obstinate belief in the superiority of their own opinions”.  In fact it is necessary for this belief in ones opinions to exist because it would be really pointless to engage in any meaningful debate if one did not believe that one's opinions were of any value or merit. 

The crucial fact is that it is because the LGBT rights activists resort to demeaning their opponents for actually having a different opinion, by resorting to branding them as bigoted, that reveals who of the two groups in the debate are in fact the true bigots.

You see, while both groups in the debate show an obstinate belief that their opinion is superior, it is the LGBT activists who have claimed as their weapon of choice, the humiliation of their opponents by branding them as bigots.  In doing so, LGBT activists satisfy the second part of the definition of a bigot, which is to show a prejudiced intolerance of their opponent’s opinions.

It is consequently the LGBT activists, who brand their opponents as bigots, who actually earn the real right to be defined as the true bigots in the LGBT rights debate; not their opponents who are sadly the ones that are actually branded as the bigots.

What do you think?  Who are the real bigots?  Is it really the ones who dare hold an opinion that is contrary to the modern politically correct opinion, or is it those who mock and insult us for holding onto our moral values; values that we were taught by Holy Mother Church and our domestic church; mom and dad, grandfather and grandmother, godfather and godmother?  

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  1. Bigot and homophobe are terms employed to stop any reasoned debate. It is not debate they want. They want us to conform to their belief of what the world should be like and set aside our own beliefs and opinions. Accusing someone of bigotry and homophobia creates confrontation, which most people wish to avoid. So they end all resistance and bulldoze the world into shape.