Thursday, 26 September 2013

Petition Against “The Testament of Mary”

Protest "The Testament of Mary" - Click Here

The Testament of Mary” is on show at the Joburg Theatre from 25 September to 6 October. In this play Our Lady is depicted as a vulgar, egoistic and even idolatrous woman who smokes, drinks and eventually disrobes completely.

The character of Our Lady denies that Jesus is the Son of God, doubts that he could have performed miracles, and states that Jesus only rose from the dead in the dreams of his followers.

Please express your opposition to this play by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. All responses to the petition will be forwarded to The Joburg Theatre. With sufficient support we hope to bring an end to this performance.

This is a blasphemous stage play that has been successfully opposed and closed in the United States and we need to do the same here in South Africa.

If you would like to close down this performance, even if you are not a resident of South Africa, please sign the petition. To sign the petition please CLICK HERE