Sunday, 17 November 2013

'Scalfari Interview' Taken Down

I read today that the ‘Scalfari Interview’ has been taken down from the Vatican website. This is good news. You can read more about this here in Edward Pentin’s Blog.

What I find particularly pleasing is that Pope Francis has reportedly not given any new interviews since the ‘Scalfari Interview’. This is a good sign. It shows that the Pope is learning that people will use his words in ways that suits their agenda. It is therefore important that when he communicates, he does so in ways that cannot be misunderstood.

The teaching of the Catholic Church is under close scrutiny by the world. Church teaching is often contrary to what is considered the norm by society. It is often difficult for Catholics to support the teaching of the Church because the position taken by society on some subjects seems so reasonable at face value.

The last thing that Catholics need is confusing mixed messages from our Church leaders. What we need is clear messages to explain Catholic teaching and, more than anything else, teaching that clearly demonstrates the potential negative consequences for society if Church teaching is rejected or disregarded.

The teaching of the Pope is crucial for Catholics and he must ensure that he does everything reasonably possible to avoid causing any misunderstanding of true Church teaching, or contradictory messages about true Church teaching.

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