Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Coercion Dolled Up As Civil Rights

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When you criticise gay marriage, you’re not just criticising gay marriage, you’re challenging a new moral framework carved out by those who apparently know better than us what our private lives and relationships should and shouldn’t look like. You’re not just an opponent of gay marriage - you’re a moral heretic whose very thoughts and behaviour are seen as deviant, as running counter to a new, apparently better kind of morality.

These are the closing words of Brendan O’Neill’s article “Same-sex marriage: coercion dolled up as civil rights”.

In my opinion this is one of the few articles I have read that so effectively describes the real challenges that we Catholics face when decide to accept and live in accordance with the principles that Christ taught.

Homosexual groups have quite simply adopted a policy of absolute intolerance towards anyone who doesn’t share their moral beliefs, even going so far as to demonstrate a strong inclination to make failure to conform to their moral beliefs, a crime.

But let me leave it at that and let you read what Brendan has to say on this. Here is the link: “Same-sex marriage: coercion dolled up as civil rights”.

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