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God, Love, Life and Sex - SA Bishops' Book

God, Love, Life and Sex
SA Archbishops' Publish New Book
Photo: SACBC

It has dawned on me that the South African Catholic Bishops’ should require every single parish in South Africa to make the bishops’ new book “God, Love, Life and Sex” available for sale at the back of the church. 

This book is not just another book. It is our South African bishops’ reaching out to teach us and I think that it is important that all parish priests in South Africa should make this book easily available for their parishioners.

The book is almost being given away by the bishops at just R40 a book. Many parishes could easily carry the cost of these books for a few weeks until such time as the books have been sold to parishioners to recover the cost. So, why not order and start selling them?

Of course, if you are lucky enough to belong to the Mater Dolorosa Parish in Kensington South, South Africa, where I do, you will find that Fr. Thomas Gibson has already decided that the value of this book is such that he will be giving away 40 of these books for free to parishioners. He will also be making another 60 available at a discounted rate of 50% - just R20 per book. (Limited to one per family – whichever option.)

I hope that many other priests and parishes will follow the example of Fr. Thomas Gibson and the Mater Dolorosa Parish, even if by just making the books available at the parish.

I for my part have decided that I also need to help with the promotion and distribution of this book. Sitting typing my blog in bed is no excuse for not doing something. So here is what I am going to do.

The first ten readers, who email me the correct answer to the question below, will be sent a free copy of the book.

What chapter of the book, “God, Love, Life and Sex”, asks:

Could we have “missed the boat” in the controversy of Humane Vitae, the Encyclical Letter written 40 years ago?
(I’ll give you a tip. You’ll find the answer to the question right here.)

How to enter the competition? It’s easy. Just send an email to –  – with your full name, contact telephone number and the address to which the book must be delivered. Don’t forget to include the correct answer to the question.

If you are one of the first ten to answer the question correctly, I will have a copy of the book sent directly to you. (If you live outside of South Africa, I am afraid you will need to pick up the cost of postage yourself. I am not Rockefeller. I’m the other fella.)

If you are not one of the lucky first ten, then just go here to the order page of the website God, Love, Life and Sex website and order a copy for yourself.

Follow this link to find out more about “God, Love, Life and Sex

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