Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Gays: What The Pope Said

Photo from WSJ entitled 'Pope Signals Openness To Gay Priests'
This is example of publication that got it wrong.

There has been much written about Pope Francis’ remarks to journalists about ‘gays’ on his flight home from World Youth Day. Yet, as seems to be the norm with modern journalists, they have by and large completely twisted what it is that the Pope actually said, or they have just created their own narrative using a few words spoken by the Pope.

Reading various publications, I was initially under the impression that Pope Francis had made specific statements about the ordination of homosexual men as priests, as well as same sex marriages and also the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

Yet, thanks to Catholic Voices, I have now read what Pope Francis actually said and it is quite clear that most of what has been written by the secular media is quite frankly complete hogwash.

If you want to read what the Pope actually said, you will find it here in the Catholic Voices post entitled “What the Pope said about gay people on the flight back from Rio”.

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